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Caldwell Communications, Inc. dba ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine, targets upscale consumers with a slant towards women. The primary focus of RTM is to provide content and resources from which consumers can make informed decisions regarding automotive purchases, travel plans and personal safety on the road. Venues include the RTM website, the annual International Car of the Year (ICOTY) Awards show and TV special, and media appearances and satellite media tours by automotive and travel expert, Courtney Caldwell.

Founded in 1989, ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine was the first multimedia corporation to specialize in automotive content aimed at female consumers. As a result of its history and pioneering efforts in this market, RTM has become recognized as a leading authority in the industry and is sourced regularly by the media. RTM founder and publisher, Courtney Caldwell, serves as a national consumer advocate and spokesperson on behalf of the women's market and has worked with national media outlets such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show, and CNN, as well as hundreds of print and online publications.

The mission of RTM is to provide quality content that is relevant and timely with a focus on three of the most important issues to women consumers; auto, travel, and personal safety. Empowering consumers with this information saves time; a commodity aggressively sought but in short supply in most women's busy lives. Because both the auto and travel industries market to women, RTM serves as a voice to help to bridge the gap between women and businesses.

Positioned as the most comprehensive resource of automotive and travel content for women, RTM has earned the respect and support of its readers and colleagues in both industries.

RTM is published bi-weekly, and includes an RSS feed, a blog and has both Facebook and Twitter accounts. For more information on RTM's media venues and the founder's background, please see the links listed below.

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