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Check Your Airline

Check Your Airline for Updated Baggage Charges

Pack lightly, because airlines are cracking down on baggage charges for 2009 and 2010. Many airlines offer perks programs which exempt or reduce frequent customers these charges, and discounts for pre-paying charges online. Overweight, oversized, and internationally travelling bags may be charged more or less, and all baggage fees are subject to change.

For all the airports listed, a carry-on and personal item are allowed on board. Charges apply both ways for round trip travel. These charges apply to economy or coach-class tickets and usually vary for higher class tickets. This list is in order from best deal on baggage charges to most expensive.

Southwest Airlines
2 checked bags at no charge, $50 charge per bag for the 3rd to 9th bag. Additional information is available here.
Jet Blue Airlines

One free checked bag is allowed; the second bag is $30, and additional bags are charged $75 fees. For more details, click here.

AirTran Airways
There is a $15 charge for the first checked bag and a $25 charge for the second; $50 a piece for additional bags. For details, click here.
Frontier Airlines
The first bag is charged $15; second bag $25; additional bags are $50. Full detail is available here.
Continental Airlines

Charge for the 1st checked bag is $15 at the airport; the second bag is $45. Additional bags are $100. When not pre-paid online, there’s a $5 surcharge per bag. Full details can be found here.

United Airlines
For domestic travel, baggage charges are $15 first checked bag, $25 second bag when paid online; $5 surcharge per bag when paid at the airport. Expect an additional charge of $125 for the 3rd & 4th checked bag; additional bags $200. More details here.

Northwest Airlines

For a domestic trip, baggage charges paid at the airport are $15 the first bag and $25 for the 2nd checked bag. The third bag is charged $125 and additional bags are $200. If not pre-paid online, there’s a $5 surcharge per bag. Read the details here.

Delta Airlines

The first bag is $15 and the second is $25. The 3rd bag is $125, and additional bags are $200. Delta also charges an additional $5 per bag for baggage charges not pre-paid online. Further details can be found here.

Spirit Airlines

The baggage charge for one bag is $25 ($19 if reserved online), second bag is $25, and the third to fifth bags are charged $100. Spirit will only allow one bag to be checked at the airport, so make sure to pre-check in additional bags online. More information from Spirit is available here.

American Airlines

$20 charge for the first bag, $30 for the second; $100 per piece for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th pieces; & $200 per piece for additional pieces. International flights are allowed one carry-on and two checked bags at no charge. Get more information here.

US Airways

Bag charges are $20 for the first bag and $30 for the second if you pay online; extra bags are $100, and there’s a $5 additional charge for fees paid at the airport. Baggage policies in full are here

Some argue that baggage allowances should be universal, but the counterargument is that differing baggage allowances allow airlines to be competitive, and customers can use these differences as a deciding factor when booking flights. Most flyers, however, rely on factors such as price; whether or not miles will apply to their frequent flyer points, amount of stops, and reputation of airline to make their choices. When people have their mind set, extra baggage costs may just be… well, extra baggage.