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Basic Airline Rights

Your Basic Airline Rights

Flight Cancellations and delays: Remember that flight schedules are not guaranteed and policies on cancellations of flights differ between airlines. Generally, the airlines will try to accommodate you on the next available flight. If you ask, they may also try to schedule you on another airline. If you don’t ask you’ll just have to wait.

Denied Boarding: Airlines routinely overbook their flights. Even if you have a reservation for a seat there is no guarantee you will be aboard when the plane takes off.

Voluntary: the airline is required to find volunteers if a flight is overbooked. The volunteer is usually rewarded with cash or a free trip. The exact amount usually can be negotiated.

Involuntarily: Volunteers cannot always be found. If you are involuntarily bumped the airlines usually will arrange another flight for you. If you reach your destination within one hour of your original time of arrival you are not entitled to any compensations. 1-2 hours and the airlines is obligated to pay you an amount equal to the one way cost of your ticket ($200 maximum). 2 hours plus will result in compensation twice that of your one way ticket price ($400 max.). Many times your original ticket is yours to keep for refund or to be used on another trip.

There is no compensation for involuntary bumping if:

…You do not have a confirmed reservation

…You did not meet the airline’s deadline for check-in (usually 15-30 minutes prior to departure).

…The plane has fewer than 60 seats.

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Basic Airline Rights

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