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TSA Security Rules

TSA Security Rules

In TSA's on-going commitment to enhance security and improve customer service TSA is consolidating passenger screening to the passenger security checkpoints. Selectee and most random searches will now be conducted at the checkpoints where TSA staff and screening equipment are concentrated.

To access these new checkpoints you will be required to present a BOARDING PASS and PHOTO IDENTIFICATION. Tickets and ticket confirmations (such as a travel agent or airline itineraries) will no longer be accepted at these checkpoints.

There are four ways to obtain a boarding pass:

1. Go to your airline's ticket counter at the airport
2. Use curbside check-in
3. Use your airline's self-service ticket kiosk in the airport lobby (if available)
4. Print the boarding pass from your airline's website (not all airlines provide this option)

Note: Persons with parental official medical business or similar reasons may be able to access the checkpoint but should check with their airline for required documentation.

Other Tips

A comprehensive list of prohibited items can be found here.

Check with your airline or travel agent to determine how early to arrive at the airport. Recommended check-in times differ by airline and airport. Find flight delay information here.

Check with your airport to confirm which parking lots are open if you will be parking at the airport. Some lots may be closed for security reasons. Be sure to allow extra time for parking and shuttle transportation.

Check to make sure you:

-- Bring a boarding pass ticket or ticket confirmation such as a printed itinerary as well as a government-issued photo ID. Children under the age of 18 do not require an ID. At some airports only boarding passes will be accepted to enter the passenger checkpoint.

-- Bring evidence verifying you have a medical implant or other device if it is likely to set off the alarm on the metal detector. Although this is not a requirement it may help to expedite the screening process.

-- Have removed prohibited items such as pocketknives metal scissors with pointed tips (metal or plastic scissors with blunt tips are permitted) and tools from your carry-on baggage.

-- Double check the list of prohibited and permitted items to determine what can be placed in carry-on or checked baggage if you have any questions.

-- Have reviewed TSA's guidance on unlocking checked baggage.

Watch your bags and personal belongings at all times.

Do not accept packages from strangers.

If you see unattended bags or packages anywhere in the airport terminal or parking area, immediately report them to a security officer or other authority.

Report any suspicious activities or individuals in the airport or parking lot to airport security.

Don't joke about having a bomb or firearm. Don't discuss terrorism, weapons, explosives, or other threats while going through the security checkpoint. The mere mention of words such as "gun," "bomb," etc., can compel security personnel to detain and question you. They are trained to consider these comments as real threats.

Click here for additional information.


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