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Rethink Your Garage

Tips on How to Organize Your Garage

  • Establish the transition area in your garage — the space that is reserved for hanging coats and taking off boots with a spot to place packages, groceries or mail when you’re arriving home and opening the door.

  • Next, determine the need it now zone — this is the area that will provide quick and easy access to the things you use often – dog food and leash, soft drinks, recyclable bin.

  • Identify elevation zones — high areas for seasonal or lightweight items such as exterior lights or ice chests. Reserve lower areas for the kids to store and easily access their shin guards and soccer balls.

  • Decide the yard and maintenance tools area — this zone should be for those tools that are long and thin-like rakes, brooms, shovels and hoes. Reserve another zone for items that are large but can be kept out of the way for months at a time — like snow tires and camping equipment.

  • Stake out a specific area for your hobbies and passions — whether you enjoy gardening or fishing, working with wood or working on your car, you can set up a perfect place in your garage that will provide ample space for you to organize all of your tools and equipment.

(CLICK HERE) for Garage Zones and Placement Area Illustration.

For more information about ORG’s new garage products, visit the ORG website,

Windquest Companies, Inc
Windquest Companies Inc. is a fast growing, high quality, highly responsive manufacturer and marketer of storage and organizational products for the home. In business for over 20 years, the focus of the business resides in three main areas. 

ORG – The Beginning of Organization
ORG is a complete line of home organizational products marketed through a nationwide network of Authorized Dealers. The line includes unique wood solutions to organize closets, pantries, garages, basements, laundry rooms, and even the home office or extra bedroom. Fully trained Authorized Dealers provide design services, organizing advice, and professional installation.

(Provided by Winquest Companies)