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Questions to Ask When Renting a Car

Questions to Ask When Reserving a Rental Car

What if the car I want is not available; will I receive another one, equal or better than the one reserved, at the same price or will I have to pay for an unwanted upgrade?

  • What if my plans change and I need a larger car, do you have such cars and are they readily available?

  • Do you offer unlimited mileage andout-of-state mileage?

  • What about if the car was rented in the suburbs, can that be driven out of state?

  • Can I bypass any lines and just pick my car up?

  • If I'm waiting for shuttle service to the car rental office, how long will I have to wait? Do buses run continually or, will I have to wait for someone to drive to the airport?

  • What is the average age of the oldest vehicle in the lot? Are there more than 15,000 miles on the average vehicle?

  • Do all cars have power windows locks? ABS brakes?

  • Will the car be delivered to me newly washed and cleaned? Are car interiors hand wiped with disinfectant prior to rental?

  • Is Emergency Roadside Assistance available 24 hours? Is the service available out of state and is there an extra charge?

  • If I need my car for an extra day, will it be a problem? Do you have 24 hour/7 day-a-week service to change reservations or to change plans in the middle of a rental?

  • When renting in the suburbs, can the customer be picked up within an hour at his or her doorstep?

  • I need a child car seat to fit a 10 month old and a one-year-old. Do you offer seats in different sizes?

  • Will I be able to return my car to the airport quickly and easily? What if I need to drop my car off after hours; will the office be open or are there other return options?

  • Can a car rented elsewhere be returned at an airport? What about vice versa?

  • In addition to maps, what else do you provide for customers who need directions?

  • Are customer service representatives available to show how to work extra vehicle features such as GPS systems?

  • What extras can I ask for? Can I get GPS r or Sirius satellite radio with my car?

  • Can I get frequent traveler points or miles?

  • Are the cars serviced regularly? Are customer comments about the car's performance handled in a timely manner?

  • What if I need to drop off elsewhere, do you have other locations; what about returning the car to a different state?

  • Are luxury cars available for rent in addition to large luxury cars like the Lincoln Town Car or Cadillac sedans?

(Source: Hertz)