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Automobile Shipping Options

Automobile Shipping Options

The rise in popularity and availability of online shopping sites has made it possible for almost anything to be bought online—including automobiles. While online shopping offers the convenience of never having to leave your home, the added cost of shipping can cancel out some of the benefits. This is especially true for larger items, which are generally more expensive to ship. But savvy automobile shoppers have found that deals available online can more than make up for shipping costs, especially if you know how to find an automobile shipping service at the right price. Here’s what to look for when shipping a vehicle you bought online.

Finding an automobile shipping company
Vehicle transport services ship automobiles on vehicle carrier trucks. To maximize efficiency, vehicle transport companies won’t dispatch a truck until it is full. If you’d like to have a vehicle shipped, you’ll have to reserve a spot on one of these trucks by using a vehicle transport broker, or working with the automobile shipping company directly. A broker can work in your interest by contacting several companies and comparing prices, but you’ll pay a premium for those services. Here are a few things to keep in mind when working with an automobile shipping company: 

  • Opt out of delivery to your door – Most automobile shipping services will deliver a vehicle to your home, but you may save money by picking it up at one of the shipping truck’s scheduled stops.

  • Location affects price – Deliveries to or from small towns will generally cost more than big city deliveries, as larger cities usually fall along established delivery routes.

  • Size affects price – This may seem obvious, but larger, heavier vehicles are more expensive to ship.

  • Season affects price – As with many other things, vehicle transport companies are slower in the winter months. You may be able to get a better rates shipping in December or January than you would in the summer.

  • Shop around – Compare the prices of several automobile shipping companies before choosing one. Also, read online reviews to find a company with a good track record and helpful customer service.

DIY automobile shipping option
If you’d prefer not to go through a shipping company, there are other ways to get your new vehicle home. Depending on the available shipping prices, it may be cheaper to fly to the city and get the vehicle yourself. This method comes with the added benefit of allowing you to inspect the vehicle in person before driving it away—and if you’re the road-tripping type, you can make the drive home into a mini-vacation.

Whether buying a car online or in person, make sure it’s covered by auto insurance. Just as with automobile shipping companies, comparing vehicle insurance quotes and auto insurance reviews can help ensure you get proper coverage at the best possible price.

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