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Extended Car Warranties Ease
Ten Tips for Simplifying
Extended Car Warranties

Buying an extended car warranty can seem confusing and difficult. However, with the right information at hand, you can purchase an extended warranty that will cover your vehicle for all those unexpected maintenance concerns. Here's a look at what you as a buyer should know about extended car warranties before signing on the dotted line.

10. Review the car warranty coverage. Drivers should go over the entire list of what is covered within the car warranty, making sure it matches their vehicle's needs before making any final decision.

9. Determine where the warranty contract will be honored. Most extended car warranties are accepted by any mechanic or licensed repair facility, which includes car dealerships. Drivers should make sure there are plenty of repair shops in their area that will honor the extended car warranty.

8. Compare prices. When it comes to your car warranty, cheaper doesn't always mean better. Some warranties may be more expensive, however, a quality car warranty that covers maintenance and repair costs could end up paying for itself with just one preventative car maintenance check-up.

7. Find out what benefits are included. Many warranty companies offer additional benefits in connection with the car warranty. Some of these benefits may include roadside assistance, car rental discounts and trip interruption. Often times these benefits are included at no additional cost to the purchaser.

6. How is the deductible applied? Some people want their car warranty to handle all covered costs, and are willing to pay the higher premium that goes with it. However, others are concerned with large unexpected repair costs and don't mind a smaller deductible instead. Drivers should carefully consider the deductible and make sure it suits their needs.

5. How are claims paid? Drivers should always check to see just how fast, and in what form, their car warranty provider pays out claims.

4. When does coverage begin? Consumers should buy a car warranty that begins when the manufacturer's vehicle warranty expires, ensuring uninterrupted coverage without additionally costs. Your car warranty company can confirm when the extended car warranty coverage begins.

3. Who provides the extended coverage? When choosing an extended car warranty company, consumers should always pick a company that is backed by a reputable, A-rated insurance company. This will guarantee that claims will always be paid, protecting the consumer.

2. Does the provider offer a review period? Consumers should ensure that they can cancel their car warranty within the first 30 days of the purchase if they are not satisfied with the plan.

1. How will the covered vehicle be used? When choosing an extended car warranty, the decision should be based on time, mileage and the services and components covered by the car warranty. Drivers that want to keep their vehicles for long periods of time despite not driving them long distances, should choose car warranties with lower mileage coverage over a longer period of time. Drivers that will put a lot of miles on their cars in a short time period, will want a high-mileage extended car warranty plan.

Source — Continental Warranty