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Whats in Your Glove Box

Surprising Facts About Your Vehicle's Glove Box

While the glove box may be a universal, standard feature in nearly every automobile, consumers today continue to modernize one of their vehicle's tiniest compartments. According to a recent survey by Dodge, the automaker found that 84 percent of Americans no longer use the glove box for its orginial purpose — to store gloves. The space was first introduced in the 20s as a place for drivers to store their driving gloves. However, the survey found that 72 percent of people were unaware of how the compartment even got its name.

According to Mike Accavitti, Dodge director of marketing and communication, the survey also showed that most drivers are incorrectly using their glove boxes to store sensitive information. Forty-four percent of drivers are currently using their glove boxes to store vehicle titles. Accavitti warns drivers against storing their titles in glove boxes, claiming it makes car thefts that much easier.

"Vehicle titles should never be kept in the glove box, but rather in a safe place at home or in the office," Accavitti said.

So what should you store in your glove box?

Though the glove box isn't the best place for a vehicle title, it is a great place to store those travel esstentials. According to Dodge's recent survey, drivers are using their glove boxes for these items:

  • Proof of insurance - 94 percent

  • Vehicle registration - 92 percent

  • Tissue and napkins - 71 percent

  • Maps - 63 percent

  • Flashlight - 53 percent

  • Sunglasses - 47 percent

  • First-aid kit - 38 percent

According to company officials, the glove box can also be a great place to store additional items including:

  • Band-aids, Neosporin and baby wipes for unexpected minor cuts and scrapes.

  • Snacks for morning and afternoon commutes, or for after-school activites.

  • Cold refreshments to help keep you alert and hydrated. Pen and paper in case you need to write down information, especially during an accident or emergency.

Source — Dodge