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Take the Pledge: Drunk Driving in the U.S.

Drunk Driving Affects More than 50 Percent of Americans

Drunk driving is an epidemic. A recent poll conducted by online automotive company Autobytel (as part of its "Take the Pledge to Slow Down" safe driving campaign) suggests that drunk driving-related crashes and DUI infractions may merely represent the tip of the iceberg in a nation that drives everywhere including to and from the bar.

Fifty-six percent of those polled by Autobytel admitted that they've driven after having too much to drink, while 62 percent report that they or someone they know has received a ticket/citation for drunk driving. An alarming 52 percent said they personally know someone who was either injured or killed by a drunk driver, while an additional 9 percent of drivers know someone who was involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver without sustaining injury.

Education/awareness may be part of the problem, with 66% of respondents unaware of the exact penalties for first-time drunk driving violations in their states, and 28 percent unaware of what the legal blood alcohol content limit is. Despite this lack of awareness and the widespread participation in drunk driving among survey-takers most advocate stiffer drunk driving fines/penalties: 64% of respondents said that current penalties are generally too lenient with only nine percent arguing that they're too severe.

With millions of website visitors each month, Autobytel offers a unique perspective on nationwide driving and auto consumer trends. The company's "Take the Pledge to Slow Down" campaign encourages drivers to make a personal, signed commitment to drive responsibly. To "Take the Pledge to Slow Down" online, log onto and click on the "Take the Pledge" button.

About Autobytel
Autobytel Inc., a leading Internet automotive marketing services company, helps retailers sell cars and manufacturers build brands through marketing, advertising, data and CRM products and programs. It's estimated that every 7.4 seconds* an American car shopper requests a vehicle through Autobytel, which owns and operates the automotive,,,,,, and This automotive research and buying network reaches millions of car shoppers each month as they make their vehicle buying decisions, generating billions of dollars in sales for dealers.

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