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Hyundai's Advanced Technology Concept Vehicle - QarmaQ

Advanced Auto Technology Showcased on Hyundai Concept

Hyundai’s newest Advanced Technology Demonstration Vehicle (ATDV) debuted at the Geneva Auto Show recently offering a lighter, stronger and more economical Crossover Vehicle (CUV) for the future auto market. Dubbed QarmaQ, the crossover coupe showcases over 30 environmentally progressive technologies that will be slowly incorporated into 2008-2014 Hyundai models, led by an innovative “Elastic Front” that aims to reduce the risk of severe injuries in pedestrian collisions.

This 2+2 vehicle aims for the important ever important baby boomer demographic, who are rediscovering a new-found freedom while remaining the wealthiest demographic in history. Today, this key group of consumers is beginning to spend their nest egg and enjoy the fruits of their labor, not on material possessions, but on experiences. QarmaQ soulfully blends the driving experience of a coupe with the ability to traverse multi-terrains like a CUV, providing empty nesters effortless access to the outdoors.

Designed at Hyundia Europe’s Design and Tech Center, and engineered in partnership with GE Plastics, QarmaQ also offers significant recycling advantages in both construction and inevitable disassembly that prove environmentally responsible solutions can be elegantly incorporated.

Like its namesake, traditional Inuit dwellings constructed of earth, whalebone and animal skins, the QarmaQ challenges convention with new and innovative construction methods and materials.

“We believe in innovation for humanity, and QarmaQ demonstrates our commitment to safety innovation and our determination to bring more environmentally responsible technologies to the market,” said Dr. Kwon Moon-Shik, Hyundai Motor's vice president of Advanced Technology.

What makes the QarmaQ newsworthy? Check out the round-up of the vehicle’s high tech features below, some of which may be available in the next year.

Encompassing the whole front end of QarmaQ is the “Elastic Front” safety system, possibly the world’s first global pedestrian protection solution on a crossover vehicle. Created with three energy-absorbing structures integrated in styling, the system features body panels of advanced materials that work in unison with energy-absorbing systems on the undersides of panels to manage and dissipate the force of a pedestrian in a collision.

Departing from conventional car design that combines a lower body and a glass cabin on top, QarmaQ blazes a new trail with panoramic wrap-around glazing area using GE’s Lexan* polycarbonate resin. This part sits between the two pronounced “muscles” above the front and rear wheels. The C-shaped side window enables innovative helicopter-like downward visibility and is a key design feature demonstrating the new glazing technology.

In response to shrinking family sizes, QarmaQ is designed to carry four people in total comfort. The use of new materials and techniques results in a fluid interior by allowing seamless integration of otherwise intrusive elements.

As the sporty exterior proportions suggest, the QarmaQ is primarily a driver’s car. One of the main aims of the interior design was to develop a practical and interactive space, which wraps around the occupants. The driver-oriented cockpit, which combines functionality with organic sculpted shapes, creates an attractive, fun-to-drive atmosphere.

Inside, a rider would find smooth surfaces that have embedded and discreet (or even hidden) touch-activated sensors, “floating” elements that pulsate and glow with ambient lighting, as well as LED Lumination and silicone and leather seating.

QarmaQ's 2-liter diesel engine is fully compliant with EURO5 emission regulations. It features the very latest technologies like high pressure fuel injection and fine fuel spray atomization for higher torque and better power output. Regulated emissions were reduced drastically and a Catalyzed Particulate Filter system (CPF) is capable of cleaning about 90 percent of the particulate matter from the diesel emissions

Sixty kg lighter than a comparable vehicle, and therefore more fuel-efficient, QarmaQ is estimated to require about 80 fewer liters of diesel per year, cutting annual greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 450 pounds.

QarmaQ's body panels use an environmental responsible plastic, Xenoy iQ and Valox iQ resins developed as part of GE’s ecomagination initiative to address three critical environmental concerns: conserving energy, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and up-cycling or re-using materials such as PET plastic bottles. QarmaQ re-uses approximately 900 PET bottles that would otherwise become landfill.

Another environmentally progressive aspect of the QarmaQ’s design is the use of GE paint replacement technologies, including Visualfx resins with Lexan films, to replace painting operations that can release toxic and greenhouse gases.

Very cool, indeed.

(Source: Hyundai)