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U-Haul Box Exhange ProgramRecycle Moving Boxes with U-Haul

Packing up and moving out? If so, you may want to check out U-Haul's new online box-exhange program, a cost and envirnoment-saving opportunity that allows the company's sturdy boxes to be posted for reuse before eventually being recycled.

"With every reuse of a U-Haul box, you not only keep a new box from being manufactured, you also reduce the costs associated with recycling."

Customers can log on to
 to post their available boxes or review messages from individuals in their area who are offering reusable boxes they may have. (At the time of publication there were only a few postings listed. Visit the site now to upload your needs!)

With every reuse of a U-Haul box, you not only keep a new box from being manufactured, you also reduce the costs associated with recycling. This form of source reduction (reuse) conserves resources and reduces pollution, including greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

U-Haul has long promoted another form of source reduction through its 100 percent Buy-Back Guarantee, by encouraging customers to return any unused boxes or “extras” to U-Haul for a refund. Customers who take advantage of the Buy-Back Guarantee are preventing waste at the source and reducing demand for natural resources.

U-Haul, a long-time partner of ROAD & TRAVEL, wants to encourage customers to give their reusable U-Haul boxes to friends, neighbors or relatives who are moving, to flatten and save them for use around their home or to take advantage of the new customer-to-customer online box-exchange website.

As they say, every little bit counts. Do your part and help save the environment by reusing and recycling ALL boxes and packing materials. Click here to find information and details on your local recycling program.

About U-Haul
For over 60 years U-Haul has built its business model on utilizing all of our assets and minimizing waste. U-Haul has many internal programs that help to ensure we are protecting our environment while still conducting business in the most efficient manner possible.


(Source: U-Haul)

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