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2008 Earth Angel Award



1. Name 3 or more environmental initiatives your company sponsored in 2007.

The Subaru plants around the world put nothing into a landfill from the manufacture of Subaru vehicles!  Everything is reused or recycled (as profiled on CNBC).  You can view the clip on

All Subaru operations in the U.S. are ISO 14001 certified. (International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001:2004 certification for the company’s environmental management systems as audited by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board.)  This ISO 14001 certification is recognized worldwide as confirmation that a company effectively manages its impact on the environment.

EPA SmartWay™ certification - The 2007 Subaru Legacy, Outback and Forester PZEV models are all certified SmartWay™ by the EPA.

Subaru sells its PZEV vehicles in every state, not just the mandated states.

Backyard of the 823 acre Subaru plant in Lafayette, IN is a NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat

Various manufacturing recycling efforts as measured below (we measure 2006 in 2007 etc.) In one year, the Subaru plant in Indiana recycled 11,240 tons of scrap metal, 1,540 tons of cardboard and paper, and 963 tons of wood.  That is equivalent to conserving...

  • 31,000 mature trees
  • 46,665,000 kWhrs of electricity
  • 31,200 cubic yards of landfill airspace
  • 713,000 gallons of oil
  • 36,900 gallons of gasoline
  • 10,780,000 gallons of water

Subaru continues to develop the Subaru R1e with Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. (TEPCO).  Subaru introduced this vehicle to serve for business use at TEPCO. This vehicle, with a top speed of 100 km/h, has improved on the R1, utilizing thin, high-performance lithium-ion batteries capable of running approximately 80 km on a single charge.  Subaru designed and manufactured the vehicle and TEPCO developed a high-speed charger.

Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd continues to develop the Subaru 80/2.0, a large-scale wind turbine system.  The main feature of this wind turbine system is its downwind-type turbine with the rotor placed on the leeward of the tower in order to fully utilize the energy of wind blowing up from mountains and hilly areas.

2. Name 3 or more environmental initiatives your company will support in 2008.

Subaru will sell in Europe the first all-aluminum Subaru boxer diesel engine that features variable-geometry turbocharging with common-rail injection and an exhaust particulate filter.

Zero-landfill will continue at all plants – no waste will be produced from the manufacture of Subaru vehicles around the world.

-ISO 14001 Certification

-EPA SmartWay™ certification -- The 2008 Subaru Legacy, Outback and Forester PZEV models are all certified SmartWay™ by the EPA.  

-NWF Backyard Wildlife Certification for U.S. Subaru plant

-Subaru continues to partner with Toyota Motor Corp. (that owns an 8.7% stake in Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd.) to develop a hybrid-electric powertain.

-Subaru continues to develop the Subaru R1e (electric vehicle).  TEPCO using units in operation.

-Subaru continues to develop the Subaru 80/2.0, a large-scale wind turbine system.

3. Name any awards your company has received for environmental progress in the past year.

EPA2007 WasteWise Gold Achievement Award for Industrial Materials Recycling (embargoed for Nov. 13, 2007)

 4. Name all vehicles that your company currently has in production that are hybrid, diesel, solar powered, flex-fuel, natural gas, ethanol, or any other alternative fuels.

  • Forester
  • Legacy
  • Outback

These vehicles are SmartWay™ certified by the EPA. PZEV vehicles are the cleanest gasoline vehicles available today and they meet emissions standards that are sometimes even cleaner than some hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles.

5. Name all environmental organizations your company supports.

Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics (LNT)

is a nonprofit organization based in Boulder, CO that promotes and inspires responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships. For the last 10 years, Subaru has sponsored the Subaru - Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers. Traveling Trainer teams, in their Subaru Outback vehicles, travel from state to state teaching thousands of outdoor enthusiasts how to minimize their impact in natural areas. The "Education in Motion" program has reached over 8 million individuals, in 48 states, with the Leave No Trace message.


Greensgrow is an urban farming organization.  The farm in Philadelphia was built on the site of an abandoned galvanized steel plant. Their mission is the redevelopment of abandoned land parcels (or "brownfields") into green businesses.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society – an organization that motivates people to improve the quality of life and create a sense of community through horticulture.  Through this sponsorship Subaru is a presenting sponsor of the Philadelphia Flower Show, the largest indoor flower show in the world.  PHS also has a Urban Sustainability Forum.

6. In 100 words or less, what is your company position and mission on global warming?

Subaru understands its responsibility to the global environment, society at large, our customers, dealers and employees.  As we conduct our business operations into the future, we are committed to establishing and maintaining an effective environmental management system that extends beyond just meeting the stated environmental laws and regulations, but also encompasses the integration of sound environmental practices in all of our business decisions.