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2005 ICOTY Awards Lifetime Achievement

2008 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Mr. Thos L. Bryant

sponsored by Chrysler

2008 Recipient — Thos L. Bryant
Thos L. Bryant

Thomas L. Bryant is an icon in the automotive industry. He is respected by manufacturers and revered by automotive journalists as a professional of the greatest depth — a man of the highest standards.

He teaches everyday, and yet is the first to admit that even after all this time, he still has a love of learning something new. He is a genuine aficionado of the business, and a recognized arbiter of what makes a car great. In addition to his role at Road & Track as vice president and editor in chief, Tom’s 36 years in the business include stints as editor of “Pick Up Van & 4 Wheel Drive” and Road & Track special publications.

The people who work for Tom at Road & Track love him. The people who work with him respect him, and the people and companies he writes about trust him. They may not always like what he writes, but they know he won’t write anything without having done his homework. They know that while he might be critical of somebody’s baby, he won’t criticize just for the sake of penning a clever sentence.

A connoisseur of good food and wine, a lover of classic jazz, an avid reader, golfer and world traveler who’s most at home at his beloved second home on Bainbridge Island in Washington State, Tom’s the kind of man who’s never met a stranger, never met anyone, he wasn’t comfortable talking to or interviewing. His mellow and laid back persona quickly quells anyone’s fears or intimidation. This approach of Tom’s is also reflected in the number of friends he has around the world an din the volumes of columns and articles he’s given us over the years — things to think about or to worry about, to laugh about or to get out and do something about. Tom Bryant is a man for all seasons.

He’s been married for 28 years to his wife Patty, who is a kindergarten teacher — a job not dissimilar to managing the crew at Road & Track. Tom’s recognized as a great writer, an awesome friend and an icon we can all look up to as a proud symbol of what we do.

Tom Bryant has done it all and ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine and our Lifetime Legend sponsor, Chrysler, are thrilled and privileged to honor him with the fifth annual Lifetime Achievement Award.

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