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2008 ICOTY Awards

ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine’s Readers’ Poll Shows
Emotional Connection between Car and Consumer

ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine conducted an 'emotionally-charged' readership poll asking consumers how they felt about their vehicles. The results were revealed during the 12th annual International Car of the Year (ICOTY) Awards held at the MGM Grand Detroit.

Focusing on the emotional connection between car and consumer, the ICOTY Awards honor the top 10 vehicles in the new model year with criteria focusing on the emotional connection between car and consumer rather than performance and power.

"Cars reflect many things to their owners from status symbol to sex symbol," said Courtney Caldwell, ICOTY founder and producer. "Each of the 10 ICOTY awards reflects a particular mindset during purchase or ownership; celebrating the relationship consumers have with their cars and how they make them feel."

In effort to drive that point home, the emotionally-driven readership poll focused on the personal relationship between consumers and their cars. Over the course of one month, readers were asked to reveal some of the most intimate encounters and feelings they associated with their vehicles.

Though drivers everywhere depend on their vehicles to get them to and from places, the bond often travels deeper, as vehicles become not only a transportation source but a source of pride, affection, love and sentiment. More than 2,200 readers responded to the online poll, sharing what their vehicles mean to them.

How Readers Feel About Their Cars

Talk to or sing to car — 14 percent

Made love in backseat — 12 percent

Feel affection for car — 11 percent

Reflects image of self — 9 percent

Apply make-up or shave — 8 percent

Hide inside for good cry — 8 percent

Long drive after fight — 8 percent

Given car pet name — 7 percent

Told were loved 1st time — 6 percent

Kicked for breakdown — 5 percent

Hate car/want new one — 4 percent

Held a meeting in car — 3 percent

Gotten engaged in car — 2 percent

Use to impress people — 2 percent

Conceived child in car — 1 percent

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