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ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine's Business Network contains a unique blend of statistics with fun facts about the growing trends of women business owners, women's business travel, Internet usage and growth, and automotive purchases.

While RTM's primary focus is the women's travel and automotive markets, we also venture into business and technology for two reasons. First, RTM targets upscale professional women, a body of consumers who surpassed men in 2003 as online users as well as purchasers of consumer electronics. Women have found these tools especially useful when researching auto and travel needs.

Sharing these tidbits of information helps us all gain a better understanding of the importance of the women's market, and how these trends affect consumer markets. Some of these statistics and stories will surprise you. Others will leave you saying, "It's about time!"

We hope you'll find these articles enlightening and empowering, and above all, useful in your mission to succeed. The facts and figures we provide are gathered from a variety of resources including RTM business writers, expert research firms such as J.D. Power and Associates, Nielsen Ratings, R.L. Polk, National Association of Women Business Owners, Travel Industry Association, and the automotive industry, each of which is linked where appropriate.



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