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A New Place With An Honest Face
GM Opens 1st Goodwrench Service Cente

Let’s face it: When it comes to getting your car serviced or repaired, you’d probably rather get a root canal. If you’re a woman who’s let her car go way too long without an oil change for fear of facing the dreaded service rhetoric that you’re sure will be pulled over your eyes, you’re not alone. GM Goodwrench Service CenterThousands upon thousands of people experience the same dread, and unfortunately, as a result, they let their cars go until it’s too late.

Like a tooth that’s not cared for in its early stages of decay, your car will eventually rot and abscess if left unattended, leaving you with bigger problems and more costly repairs in the end.

Most people say they don’t have the time, or it can wait. But the reality for most people, especially women, is that they just don’t trust service shops. For others, it’s the wretched stench of the grease and oil, the dirty floors, the condescending treatment, and the offensive girlie calendars hanging on the walls. Why should you have to put up with all of that? You shouldn’t. And now, thanks to General Motors, you will no longer have to. At least not for long.

In 1998, we as consumers spent a mind-boggling $159 billion in service and parts, and most of us walked away as unhappy customers for one reason or another. We deserve better and General Motors agrees. Launched by GM dealer George DeMontrond in Houston, Texas, the first Goodwrench Service Center puts an honest face on “customer service and satisfaction.”

First of all, the center’s service area is so clean that you could eat off the floor. I’m not kidding. Amazingly, the building has been designed so that front and rear service doors face directions that allow for the best airflow during operation. Weather permitting, the doors are left open during work hours to keep the fresh air flowing, which is healthy for both technicians and customers. The 10 work bays, which are adjacent to each other, are divided by a center walkway secured by handrails (for safety) so customers can stroll through the area at will to see what’s going on or to talk to their technician. (Notice we don’t say mechanic; it’s so passé).

The waiting area may remind you of your own living room, with its large-screen TV, magazines, a child play area with safe toys, carpeting, coffee, soda, doughnuts, and plenty of comfortable seating and sunlight. Even more interesting are the floor-to-ceiling glass walls, which allow you to clearly view the work area if you want to keep an eye on your car. This company has nothing to hide.

There are also private work cubicles with phones and computer hookups so you won’t lose precious time getting out that pressing proposal or article on deadline. Speaking of which, how long can you expect to be there? For standard repairs and service, about two hours or less.

If you like McDonald’s or the security of knowing what you’re going to get every time you walk in the door, you’ll love Goodwrench Service Centers. When you enter the lobby, there’s a menu of standard services and prices listed on the wall behind the counter, eliminating the fear of being charged a different price every time you get the same kind of service. And no matter what make or model you drive, the majority of parts you’ll need are kept right there on the premises. What they don’t have they’ll custom-make for you at no additional charge as long as they’re standard parts.

When it comes to the big stuff like bodywork or rebuilding engines, the Center will quote you a price you can rely on; no surprises later. If it doesn’t provide a particular service that you need, it will refer you to a neighboring dealership that does. Not only that, the Center will stand by its work, as well as that of the partner to which it referred you, with a 12-month, 12,000-mile guarantee.

Will you be treated with respect? Without question. All Service Center personnel are trained to handle each customer with expediency, respect, and caring. And if the counter people are busy, the technicians are also trained to check you in with the same consideration. There’s virtually no waiting. The uniformed men and women will walk you through the process, listen to your needs, and make sure you’re comfortable with the outcome. If you can’t wait, they’ll put you on their shuttle to take you home or to work and then call you when the work is done.

Furthermore, like building a relationship with your family doctor or grocer, you may request the same technician each time you call for an appointment. In fact, because GM believes in building a relationship of trust and confidence with consumers, the Center will be installing a phone in each service bay so that clients can call their favorite technicians directly when their babies are emitting foul odors or crawling instead of running.

Center technicians work on all makes and models from Mercedes to Mazda, Pontiac to Porsche, Honda to Hyundai, and everything in between. In fact, they specialize in servicing cars 10 years and older. So say goodbye to grease pits and girlie calendars. Turn the other cheek and put on a happy face. The time has returned for good service, fair prices, honest work and respectful treatment to all.

The Houston Center may be the first, but it’s not the last. It’s actually just the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Goodwrench Service Centers all over the United States. So get ready for a new face in your neighborhood and expect nothing but the best. You’ll not only get it, you’ll also deserve it. For future site locations, visit GM Goodwrench Service.