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Demographics - Road & Travel Magazine

Road & Travel Magazine ~ Demographic Information

ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine
targets upscale consumers with a slant towards women between 25-59 years old. Although the primary audience is women, mid-management to business owner, RTM is user-friendly to all consumers regardless of age or gender.

Educated women between 25 - 59 make more disposable income than all other groups of the women's market. In most cases, this consumer has a college education and is actively pursuing or involved in a career, more so than a job.

Women business owners, employing more than 12 million Americans and contributing $3.6 trillion to the national economy, own more than 38% of all US businesses. More than 52% of the US work force is women. Household income ranges according to age and career level, however, the low end begins at $30,000 with a high end of $250,000.

This audience is active and independent whether married or not. Approximately 50% are married. Another 50% of those married have children but utilize daycare or in-home childcare. At the older end of the audience, children are grown or in college themselves.

The RTM reader has a wide variety of interests outside of work and are the kind of people who go places, do things, get involved and encourage others to do the same. They are active with friends as well as with family from community to church to sports to business. They are more likely than not to be the primary caregiver to the children and elderly in their family.

These are decision makers who manage their own personal and professional lives as well as influence those around them. They have direction and know what they want, and what they don't know, they tend to make the effort to learn. They are more likely to be leaders than followers, givers than takers, supporters than slackers.

This demographic audience travels comfortably between business and pleasure. She is not intimidated by change, or by traveling somewhere new. She is resilient and easily adapts to her constantly changing environment. Women travelers tend to stay at hotels longer than men travelers, and use more amenities. Their personal safety on the road is their number one concern.

These women own their own vehicles with a vast majority doing their own research, and making the purchasing decision themselves. They like to drive and do most of it in families for not only work but for errands and carpooling as well.

Studies show that 34% of all do-it-yourselfers are now women, up 37% from the past few years.

This body of consumers is very busy and seeks short cuts that save time and provide convenience to shorten their long days. This accounts for the recent dramatic increase in women's use of the web, surpassing men for shopping and research online for the first time in December 2001. As of 2007, 97 million women were online vs. 91 million men.

Demographic breakdown of RTM's readership, click HERE.


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