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Website Traffic - Road & Travel Magazine

Road & Travel Magazine Website Statistics & Traffic History

Due to the recession, RTM like most publications had a reduction in pageviews. The RTM website has more than 6200 pages of content and currently has an average of 2 million page views per year. However, RTM went through a redesign in 2012 - 2013. Attention is now focused on rebuilding traffic and partnerships.

RTM is the largest online magazine to target women consumers with automotive, travel and personal safety topics. RTM's mission is to provide content from which the average consumer can make informed decisions when in-market for automotive purchases and travel planning. Details below. []

Launched in 1989 as a print magazine, and subsequently converted to online in 2000, RTM is the pioneering magazine to target women consumers with auto and travel content. Today, it is the largest and most comprehensive publication, either online or in print, to provide auto and travel content from which women can make informed decisions when in-market for car buying or travel purchases. With more than 6000+ pages of content , RTM has become recognized as the leading authority on auto, travel and personal safety topics for women and is sourced regularly by the industry and the media. [Mission] See traffic history below.

How is RTM Promoted?

Demographics & Demographic Breakdown

To Advertise in RTM

Launched in 1989 as the pioneering publication to address the women's automotive market, more than 60% of RTMs traffic comes from consumers who are in-market for auto information. Of the 6000+ pages of content in RTM, approximately 50% is dedicated to the automotive category and 50% focuses on travel. However, there are many articles that crossover and/or combine auto and travel content. The brdige that connects the automotive and travel categories is personal safety, the number one concern women consumers have when traveling by car or air, espcially as it relates to visiting other states or countries.

Sections that generate the most traffic
Auto: New Car Reviews, Model Guides, Buyer's Guides, Safety
Travel: Hotel Reviews, Airline Rules, Travel Advice, Luxury Travel, Safety
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