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Market Research on the Women's
Automotive and Travel Markets

Women have become a dominant force in business, automotive purchases, and business travel...and are surpassing men in the use of the Internet to manage it all.

Here are the facts; women purchase more than 50% of all new vehicles, 48% of all used vehicles, influence 80% of all sales, comprise 40% of all business travelers, influence 80% of all luxury and family travel, own 38% of all US businesses contributing $1.6 trillion to the national economy, and have now reached 59% of all Internet users.

They also comprise 40% of all business travelers today, up 5000% since 1970. And, women take more all-female adventure tours than ever before in history spawning a new sub-travel industry of adventure travel and women-only tours.

Below are reseach-based articles and statistics gleaned from a variety of reputable research firms that offer facts on women's trends in these four industries.

For nearly 3 decades, Road & Travel Magazine founder and Editor-in-Chief Courtney Caldwell has been the leading voice in understanding and promoting what women want in automobile and travel products and services. To review how her experience can benefit your organization or increase brand awareness as a spokesperson please visit her press kit summary for details.

 JD Power Internet Insurance Report
 JD Power Used Car Shopping Study
Statistics: Women in Automotive
 Online Sales by OEM Sites Increase
 Gas Mileage in New Car Sales
 Consumers Want Auto Safety Items
 Study: Used Car Shoppers Online
 40% Parents Buy Car for New Child
 Americans Flock to Auto Websites
 1/3 DIYers in Aftermarket are Female
Traffic Still Strong for Auto Websites
SUVs Capture Female Buyers
Female Demographic Study - 2004
Automakers Target Women
Women: No Afterthought
Internet as Equalizer for Car Buying
Women & Cars: Mutually Exclusive?
Automotive Career Ops for Women

Infiniti Markets to Women


Women Surpass Men on the Web
More Women Use Internet for Travel

Women Use Internet for Research
Rich Rule Online Roost
Worldwide Internet Usage Up
Women Internet Usage Statistics
Traffic to Travel Websites Increasing
Female Users Grow Faster than All
Women Outnumber Men Online
Women Scour Net for Business
More European Women Online
Mom's Say Bye to TV, Hello Internet
Technology: An Equalizer for Women
Traffic to Travel Websites Increasing
Women Online Growing Faster
Facts on Use of Internet for 50+
Women Embrace Technology
Gender Differences in Internet Use


Minority Owned Businesses

Women, Travel & Safety Concerns
Lost Luggage Regulations
Traveling Light
Gay Travel Demographics
Online Travel Planning Grows
Business Travel Facts for Women
More Single Women Traveling Solo
Fun Facts on Women Travelers
Travel Tips for Businesswomen
What to Wear for Air Travel
A 9/11 Retrospective


It's Your Career
Battle of the Sexes
Interview Thank Yous
Women's Marketplace Dominance
Poll: Respect - Key to Job Satisfaction
Women Owners are Eco Friendly
Women Biz Have Economic Power
Women in Male-Dominated Fields
Women Labor Force to Increase
Business Owners of Growth Firms
Electronic Companies Woo Women
How to Make Business Connections
Brave Thoughts for a Weak Economy
One in 18 Women Own Business
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Companies with Best Opportunities
Woman Biz Contribute $4.8 Billion
Women/Men:Differ in Path to Success
Women: Their Own Worst Enemy?
Facts: Women Home-Based Business
Women Working in Financial Services
Facts on Women Education
Women Working Harder


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