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Road & Travel Magazine | Volume 32

U.S. Enters Unprecedented Climate Territory
WAPO: Delayed report shows severe damage

WAPO: Imminent Threat to Planet
Breaking ice shelves to cause 10' sea rise

YouTube: How Do We Save Our Planet?

David Attenborough explains in video

CNN: It's Not About the Weather
Arctic warming 2x faster than planet

World Experts Warn of 2030 Deadline
To stem catastrophic climate change

REPORT: The New York Times Magazine
Climate migration will reshape America

Happening Now: Arctic Heating Up
Record high heat index indicated

11,000 Scientists Warning on Warming
Untold human suffering worldwide

Why Care About Sea Ice Melting?
Drinking water evaporates, seas rise

WAPO: Last 5 Years Hottest on Record
Undeniable proof of a wounded world

CNN: 60 Catastrophic Fires in Australia
Dry conditions happening worldwide

BBC: Seaside City in Italy Under Water
Worst flooding in 1200 years

NPR: Sir David Attenborough Predicts
Collapse of civilization due to climate

Hummer video voice-over | LeBron James

CNN: People Leaving West for Midwest
American climate refugees flee for cold country

Astrophysicist Neil
DeGrasse Tyson

CNN: Is it too late for humankind?

Extreme Climate Changes Shrink Earth
New Yorker Magazine means business

VIDEO: Six Degrees Overheats Planet
Are we in the 6th mass extinction?

Melting Glaciers | New Revelations
Five new islands revealed in Russia

VIDEO: Chasing Ice | Breaking Bad
Preview: Giant glacier calves on camera

Mother Earth vs Climate Change
Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn

Why Leaves Change Color in the Cold
The science behind the fall follies

CNN: Opinion - Robert Redford Declares
Race against time to undo damage

Bill Nye the Science Guy - Why Deny?
Climate Change 101 | Reality check

Bill Weir: Terrifying Conditions in Alaska
State of saturation | Fire & Ice

WSJ: U.N. Panel & Scientists Agree
Climate is warming oceans & ice caps

VIDEO: Our America: Climate of Hope
ABC7 & NatGeo present special on climate

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