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World Wide Destinations - Northern Europe, Scandinavia, & Baltic Russia

Northern Europe - a Top Destination for Cruising

Northern Europe perennially tops lists of favorite destinations for North American travelers. Those who have been there look forward to returning. Those who have not, dream of going.

European Cruises
A Cruise Ship passing through the top of Geirangerfjord , Norway

There are plenty of good reasons for this popularity. The many cities in this prosperous and sophisticated corner of the world include London, Paris, St. Petersburg and others. Its landscapes include the rugged beauty of Norway and Finland, the flower fields of the Netherlands and the greens of Ireland. The architecture includes modern masterpieces as well as ancient churches and castles.

And of course, the art, music and literature of this region form a large part of the cultural fabric of the western world. These also are the heartlands of golf, tennis, auto racing, equestrian sports, soccer and many of the world's other favorite sports and championships.

Summer is the high season for cruises in this part of the world, however, some lines offer year-round sailings from ports in Great Britain and Norway.

Who Cruises There

With the Cruise Guide for Worldwide Destinations, you can view today's top cruise lines and where they sail. To find the cruise(s) that suits you best, select a region below.

London - Although some small luxury vessels actually sail up the Thames River to tie up in the heart of London, larger vessels dock at nearby Tilbury, Harwich or Southampton. Wherever the ship is, the action is in London Town.

The British Museum - If there is a master repository of the history of the world's civilizations, this must be it. Collections built through the long history of the British Empire and the work of some of the greatest scholars have created a museum that could not possibly be explored completely in a single lifetime.

Kings and Castles - London's many royal buildings embody the history and traditions that continue today in this constitutional monarchy. Among those open to the public is the famous Tower of London on the banks of the Thames, which dates back to the 11th Century. Tours allow visitors to see where the great and the notorious were once imprisoned and executed and to view the priceless Crown Jewels.

Great Walks - A stroll through the city's Bankside along the Thames takes tourists past the new re-creation of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, the Tate Modern art gallery, the medieval Southwark Cathedral and a lively shopping and entertainment district. Other prime locations for leisurely walks include the legendary Hyde Park and the stately Victoria Embankment, which leads to the Houses of Parliament.

St. Petersburg - Although this great city shows the wear and tear it endured as Leningrad during the decades of the Soviet Union, its essential grandeur shows through.

The Hermitage - Originally a palace of the czar, this vast building now houses one of the world's greatest art collections. It is, in fact, a work of art in itself, and no visit to St. Petersburg would be complete without a visit to this extraordinary museum.

The Summer Palace - A short trip from the city, this country home, built for Peter the Great, and its surrounding grounds provides a glimpse into the opulence and elegance of the Czar's court. The tour also takes visitors through the rural countryside outside St. Petersburg.

Nevskiy Prospekt - St. Petersburg's main thoroughfare and the heart of its lively shopping and entertainment district, this broad avenue is lined with shops carrying the names of world-famous designers, art galleries, restaurants and nightclubs. The street also crosses over the canals that earned St. Petersburg the title "Venice of the North."

Norwegian Fjord - Not exactly fit for the definition of a port call, but a series of scenic transits and stops at villages and cities, the Norwegian Fjords treat visitors to spectacular scenery and a first-hand view of the life, culture and history of the land of the Vikings.

(source: CLIA)

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