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Heath Trip for Tips to Eating Healthy on the Road by Road & Travel Magazine

Healthy Travel Tips for Trips and Resource Article Archive


Fighting Jet Lag
Airplane Friendly Snack
Flying Fit and Fat Free
Airline Travel Health Information
Airplane Stretches
Airline Drinking Water Woes
How to Eliminate Jet Lag
Fighting Jet Lag

Carbon-Free Cruises- Small Ships
Get Up & Eco-Cruise Costa Rica
Norovirus Outbreak & Prevention
Cruising With Confidence
Stay Healthy on a Cruise Vacation

Fit Tips for the Road
Bike Tour Packing

Westin's New WORKOUT Rooms
Boxer Shorts and Socks Workout

Top Ten Walking Cities
Walking for Travel Fitness

Travel Fitness Goals - Part 1
Travel Fitness Goals - Part 2
Hotel Room Workouts
10 Steps to Health Travel
Layover? Workout at the Airport
Avoid Weight Gain on Vacation
Head for the Hills for Wellness
Riding to Fitness at Guest Ranches
Don't Let Travel Drain Your Energy

Travel Food & Water Risks
6 Ways to Get Healthy at Camp
Dining Out & Weighing In
Fighting the Holiday Bulge
The New Spa Cuisine
South Beach Across the U.S.
Concourse Calories: Healthy Airports
Safe Hiking, Camping & Boating
Spa Cuisine Gets Lifestyle Makeover
Meal Replacements & Sports Bars
Napa Valley Offers Angus Beef
Healthy Dining Guide for Travelers
Healthiest Fast Food for Travelers


Eye Care Advice for Night Driving
Purchase Lightweight Luggage

10 Steps for Healthy Travel
Jiffy Lube Goes Red for Heart Health
Digestive Health for Travelers
Healthy Food & Water Tips
How to "Insure" the Perfect Trip
Traveling Fit
Preventative Health Tips
Crunch Before You Munch
Economy-Class Syndrome - DVT
Tips for Safe & Healthy Travel
Jellyfish Prove Deadly in Australia
Vacation Health Care Tips
Protect Your Health While Away
Survive Your High-Country Vacation


Travel Tips For People With Diabetess
Health Experts: Prescription Drugs
Traveling with Medications
Preventative Medicine for Travelers

Traveling with Allergies
DVT - Deep Vein Thrombosis
How to Battle Colds on the Road
How to Beat Motion Sickness

Marriott Kicks the Habit
Westin Hotels Ban Butts
Sleeping Tips for Tired Travelers
Dealing with Jet Lag

Curbing Childhood Obesity

Clues and Cues for Holiday Blues
How to Keep a Travel Journal
Quickie Getaways for Workaholic

Returning Home After the Vacation
Taking the Edge Off Business Travel

Lugging around Back Pain
Stay Spa Healthy Between Travels


Great Buys for Eco-Travelers
Green Travel Product Guide

Outdoor Adventures in Canada
Holiday Travel Safety Tips
Traveling During Pregnancy
Air Travel Tips for Pregnant Women