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2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Review & History

Ford Mustang - An American Icon

Many Mustang fans are very familiar with the 60's American movie BULLITT with Steve McQueen and specifically the iconic San Francisco car chase. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the movie, the new Mustang BULLITT is now rumbling across cities around the world.

The newest version of the Mustang BULLITT salutes the 1968 movie car with understated appearance, available classic Dark Highland Green exterior paint and subtle chrome accents. It enhances these classic elements with the features that make today’s Mustang the best-selling sports car in the world. The 2019 model is the third generation of the Mustang BULLITT.

For all Mustang lovers and 60's muscle car buffs around the world, also check out the current movie series John Wick starring Keanu Reeves in which Wick drives and pummels a 1969 Mustang Boss 429 among other greats such as the Chevy Chevelle SS with white dual racing stripes. Click here for movie review.

John Wick 1, 2 and 3 are available online for streamers and John Wick 4 is in production as of this writing, due out in 2020. It's a must see for those who are action adventure-ophiles who are into 'shoot 'em up' bad ass heroes and muscle cars. However, be sure to start from John Wick 1 to roll with the plotlines and see how his puppy and dead wife kick off his rampage as the Boogeyman.

We had the honor and privilege of test driving the new 50th anniversary Mustang BULLITT this year (trust me, it was in high demand to test drive by the buff books - had to fight tooth and nail to get seat time) but it was worth every tooth and nail. It sure brought back a lot of memories from the first car I ever rode in without my parents at the wheel (1964 Mustang) to all the muscle cars I grew up with from the Pontiac GTO to the Corvette Stingray to the Dodge Challenger. But the Ford Mustang was everyone's favorite back then, and still is today owning the honor of best-selling sports car in the world. It's not only a cool and powerful machine, it's got heritage, history and is about as American as one can get.

I've tested thousands of cars in Road & Travel's thirty year history and have loved some, hated some, and thought some were just a plain plum crazy 'what were they thinking' mistake. And while it thrills us that most car companies are producing more eco-friendly cars to help reduce carbon pollution in our atmosphere today, including Ford Motor Company, the Mustang will always live on as an American treasure and icon. There's nothing like it on the planet.

Road & Travel has always been about how cars make us feel and what they represent in our current lives or reflect the good times in our past. The Ford Mustang, whether in the movie Bullitt 50 years ago, or its 50th anniversary edition today, or in the current movie series of John Wick, or even as a memory of a first kiss or a first ride with friends, this ride generates a real visceral reaction. I loved how it made me feel when driving it... adventurous, free, rebellious, happy, young, nomadic and wild. You don't have to be young to feel young! And that alone is why Mustang lovers need the Mustang to live on forever. It's not only the most popular (and with good reason) sports car in the world, it also has a powerful emotional connection to the happiest times in our lives, past and present. Who doesn't need happy thoughts of happy times? Let the good times roll!

More on the full story from Ford

To Our U.S. Military

Our Deepest Thanks & Gratitude

A little Ford Mustang nostalgia
that never gets old...

For more info, visit Ford Motor Company