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Marilyn Carlson Nelson, chairman and chief executive officer of Carlson Companies, remains the most powerful woman in the travel industry for the seventh consecutive year, according to Travel Agent magazine, which has released its annual list of influential women.

Travel Agent, the national news weekly magazine of the travel industry, is edited for travel agents and travel industry personnel.

The publication recognizes Nelson for championing federal legislation to help travel and tourism companies recover from the effects of the Sept. 11 tragedy, and reports her appointment by President George Bush to chair the National Women's Business Council. (Nelson will be sworn in to her new position on September 17.) In addition, the publication cites Nelson's meeting with President Bush as part of an economic forum in August to discuss the state of the national economy.

"It is both thrilling and humbling for me to be recognized as a leader in the travel industry," Nelson said. "Our industry has changed tremendously over the past year. But it has demonstrated its resilience and continues to add value for our customers who rely on the industry's experience and technological advancements."

Click here for more information on Carlson.

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