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Siruis Satellite Radio to Launch in Chrysler Vehicles

Chrysler Announces Line-Up and Pricing

Beginning this fall, Chrysler Group customers can tune into a new listening experience while driving as Sirius Satellite Radio launches as a Mopar product offering in 2003 model year cars, trucks, SUV's and minivans.

Chrysler Group will offer Sirius Satellite Radio as a Mopar dealer- installed option this fall on the following '03 MY vehicles:

* Chrysler: PT Cruiser, Sebring Sedan and Convertible, 300M, Concorde, Voyager, Town and Country;

* Dodge: Stratus Sedan, Dakota, Durango, Ram, Intrepid, Neon, Caravan, Grand Caravan;

* Jeep: Liberty and Grand Cherokee.

The suggested retail price will be $299 plus labor, and a Sirius Satellite Radio subscription is $12.95 per month.

Chrysler Group also announced factory installation availability of satellite radio for the 2003 model year 300M.

Sirius will provide DaimlerChrysler customers with coast-to-coast coverage of 100 channels of programming, including 60 channels of commercial-free music and 40 channels of news, talk, sports and entertainment.

Consumers installing Sirius Satellite Radio in their 2003 model-year vehicles will receive a small, mouse-like antenna mounted to the roof of the vehicle. The radio is designed to be user-friendly with a minimal number of buttons. Customers will be able to search for programs both by music style and channel. Depending on the vehicle, the radio screen will display the channel and music style.

For more information on Chrysler vehicles, click here. For more information on Sirius radio, click here.

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