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The American Advertising Federation (AAF) has named Ford Motor Company as its first Mosaic President's Award winner for outstanding achievement in multicultural marketing. The award recognizes Ford as an outstanding corporate citizen and a leading multicultural marketer and advertiser.

Ford Motor Company, which is one of the largest multicultural automotive advertisers, has been formally involved in multicultural marketing since the 1970s. Recently, Ford launched an integrated multicultural campaign for the 2003 Expedition targeting African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanics.

"We are especially honored to receive this award because it gives credibility to an effort that we strongly believe in," said Jim O'Connor, group vice president for North America Marketing Sales and Service. "Multicultural marketing is not just about marketing and advertising but also about relationships and being present and active in the community."

Ford also supports the development of minority dealers, suppliers and other initiatives. For example, Ford leads U.S. automakers in the percentage of minority-owned or operated dealerships - with more than 360 minority dealerships in the U.S. representing more than 7 percent of the company's total dealer body.

Ford bought approximately $3.1 billion of components, systems and services from its 365 U.S. minority suppliers in 2001 - more than any other corporation in America. In addition, Ford's contributions to organizations serving minorities amount to nearly 20 percent of Ford's corporate total.

Click here for more information on Ford.

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