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One Cool Decal
MINI Rooftop Flags Sales Flying High

Would you like a rooftop flag with that? Apparently, a good chunk of new MINI owners are saying yes. With just 4,000 MINIs on U.S. roads, 1,000 flag decals have been ordered. Having been a year of unbridled patriotism in both the U.S. and UK, the race is quite tight between the Union Jack and Old Glory. The U.S. flag is ahead at 380 units sold, while the UK flag is close behind at 350.

Customers cited national loyalty as the main reason for choosing a U.S. flag. The UK flag is mainly chosen to sport MINI's British roots and is also proving a favorite with UK ex-patriot owners. Additionally, customers of both flags listed the fun of personalization as a reason for purchase.

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