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Survey: Mothers Say Goodbye TV, Hello 'Net

Reuters reports that women with children are watching less television and using the Internet more.

A new report from Jupiter Media Metrix indicates that around 44 percent of women with children said their usage of the Internet caused them to spend less time watching TV.

According to the report, around 29 percent of mothers surveyed in the US, said they used the Net to play games online. The same percentage used the Internet to download music, while 40 percent used it to research for school and homework-related projects.

The report also reveals that 41 percent of mothers surveyed would buy things online on sales that they wouldn’t have bought otherwise.

However, women without children are heavier users of the Internet, according to the survey findings. They also tend to use the Internet differently. Women without children use the Net to make travel arrangements, do research for work, and read the news online.

Women without children are also bigger spenders online. Around 63 percent of them spent over USD100 online over the past three months, compared to 52 percent of women with children.

(Source: NUA Internet Surveys)

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