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Photon Micro Light Sheds Light on Safety

As small as a quarter and as bright as Jon Bon Jovi's teeth, the Photon Micro Light is a godsend for women.

Don't be put off by the Jetson-esque name; the Micro Light is not a miniature stun gun or a sci-fi taser. It's a tiny, extremely bright LED flashlight that simply attaches to your keychain and helps you find your way around your darkened home or unfamiliar surroundings (such as a hotel room). It runs on lithium batteries, features an unbreakable bulb and an almost indestructable polyurethane case.

This teeny flashlight has a long battery life -- a solid 12-14 hours with the included lithium batteries. Not to mention that fact that it could be a great aide (and even a lifesaver) in times of natural disaster or power outages.

One of the coolest things about the Micro Light? It's been used by NASA shuttle crews, police and fire departments, pilots and even the Secret Service (but keep that hush-hush, OK?). And it's been said that the light from one of the little guys can be seen from a mile away!

As pretty as Jon Bon Jovi's teeth are -- I don't think they'll be around to help find me that elusive last Altoid stuck in the bottom corner of my dark purse. My Micro Light, however, will be.

-- The Micro Light costs $11 -- click here for more information on how to get one for yourself or a friend.

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