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Volkswagen and Audi to Train Dealership Personnel in Child Safety Seat Inspection

A Sit Safe trainee demonstrates proper child safety seat installation. The Sit Safe program trains Volkswagen and Audi dealership employees in the proper installation and inspection of child safety seats.

Parents will soon have a new resource for free child safety seat inspections under a national program being launched by Audi of America, Inc. and Volkswagen of America, Inc. The program, called Sit Safe, is a partnership between the automaker and its dealers, through which employees at more than 800 Volkswagen and Audi dealerships in the United States will have the opportunity to become certified in the installation of child safety seats.

While 96 percent of parents believe they install their child safety seats correctly, it is estimated that an astounding 85 percent of children who are placed in such seats are improperly restrained. Sit Safe will allow parents to learn proper installation techniques, and have their child safety seats inspected by certified professionals at Audi and Volkswagen dealerships across the country.

Sit Safe initially encompasses a four-day education program in which Volkswagen and Audi will put select dealership employees through 32 hours of classes, using the curriculum approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The training program covers child passenger safety laws, as well as hands-on training in the proper inspection and installation of child seats. Each four-day session ends with a Sit Safe event where members of the community are invited to have their child safety seats inspected by a trained dealership employee. From there, each participating dealership will offer free inspections at their respective facilities on an ongoing basis. All vehicle types and brands are welcome.

The Sit Safe initiative is being launched this month in the southeastern region of the U.S. Training will continue at Volkswagen and Audi training centers across the country over the next several months.

For more information on VW and Audi, click here.


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