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SUVs Capture Female New Vehicle Buyers
"Big Momma" of 'em all: the Ford Explorer.

Yep. Ladies love their SUVs.

For the first time ever, Sport Utility Vehicles have captured the overall market share lead among female new vehicle buyers, according to an analysis by R. L. Polk & Co. SUVs have led among male new vehicle buyers since 2000.

"After years of steadily gaining market share, the SUV finally can be crowned king of the American road," said Lonnie Miller, analytic consultant for Polk.

A Polk nationwide analysis of new vehicle retail registrations between January-October 2001 finds the Sport Utility Vehicle segment with a 23.9 percent share of the women's market. This is more than the 23.2 percent share for the Midsize Car segment - the first time SUVs have eclipsed Midsize Cars among women.

The Ford Explorer led all Sport Utility Vehicle models among women in 2001, with 45,172 Explorers registered to women between January-October. The Jeep Grand Cherokee was the second most popular SUV among women, with 30,104 registered.

In 1996, Midsize Cars held nearly double the market share of Sport Utilities among women - 26.1 percent to 13.5 percent. In 2000, Sport Utilities closed the gap to just 3.3 percentage points.

(Source: R.L. Polk & Co.)

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