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Results in Our Yahoo! Autos Car
of the Year Poll

The People Voice Their Opinion

After giving you the past month to vote on which car you think should've won our prestigious Most Likely to Succeed ~ Car of the Year award, we've got our results. Thanks to Yahoo! Autos, who hosted the poll (question: who do you think should win the ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine Most Likely to Succeed Car of the Year?), the results are as follows:

Here they are, folks. The Ford Thunderbird won, the BMW 745i came in second place and the Jaguar X-Type pulled in third. A total of 7,623 votes were tallied -- thanks for your participiation!

And if you don't know who our judges voted as the vehicle Most Likely to Succeed in 2002, shame on you! Click here to see all 10 of our award-winners.

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