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Firestone Hosts Free Car Care Workshop for Women's Groups

women car care clinic

It's no secret that consumers ­- especially women ­- are often hesitant to take their car to a service center for fear of being unable to communicate symptoms of vehicle problems.

That is why Firestone Tire & Service Center is sponsoring a free Car Care Academy for two internal women's business groups at BASF and Dow Chemical, Women & Business Issues and Women's Innovations, respectively. The educational workshop is presented by former auto racer and automotive education specialist Pat Brown, who will also speak to the groups about her experiences in the male-dominated field of auto racing.

"By learning the basics of car care, women can empower themselves the next time they take their car in to be serviced," said Brown. "I am always excited to share my experience and knowledge to help people extend the lives of their automobiles."

BASF invited Brown to speak after hearing the automotive education specialist give a similar presentation at a recent women's conference.

"I was very impressed with her presentation and message," said Dee Dee Honea, coordinator of Women & Business Issues at BASF. "I knew she would be an inspirational guest speaker. This is a great opportunity for both groups."

Brown has been conducting Firestone Tires & Service Center Car Care Academies for more than 15 years, sharing her knowledge with millions through the workshops and in media appearances. As the first woman graduate from the prestigious Russell Racing School's mechanic's training program, Brown holds a tremendous wealth of knowledge when it comes to car care. She is a former race car driver and the first woman to compete in the SCCA Dodge Shelby Can-Am Series.

Click here for more information on Firestone.

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