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Volvo XC90 Billboard Banner at NY Auto Show Highlights Honors from RTM and Other Publications

Volvo XC90 Banner at NYC Auto Show
Volvo showcases RTM among the many publications that honored the XC90 as the best SUV for 2003. The giant banners hung from the Jacob Javitz Center ceiling at the New York Auto Show in April 2003.
Volvo XC90 Banner at NYC Auto Show
Volvo won more awards than any other vehicle for its innovative design and advanced technology of its all-new XC90, a huge hit with consumers. So proud of its numerous wins, Volvo hung these billboard size banners at the New York Auto Show in April 2003 to boast the vehicle's success among publications and journalists.

ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine honored the XC90 at its Class of 2003 Auto Awards in January 2003 naming it the Most Versatile vehicle of the year. Can you find RTM listed in the billboard banner among its distinguished competitors?

Click here for more on the RTM Awards

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