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Emergency Travel Rescueline

David Stempler, President of the Air Travelers Association, announced that it will now provide the Air Travelers Association RescueLine™ for members, with 24x7, telephone-based, emergency travel and medical assistance services. The Association is also now making the Registered Traveler Program InfoSite™ available to non-members. The RescueLine™, InfoSite™, and membership information are all available at

Air Travelers Association RescueLine™

"You will never be stranded again" declared Stempler in a conference call with a group of members announcing the new benefits. "Wherever you are in the world, at any time of any day, the Air Travelers Association now provides you with the Air Travelers Association RescueLine™ emergency telephone service to resolve any travel problem or emergency."

Stempler told the members, "don't wait for your airline to try to solve your travel problem. Call the Air Travelers Association RescueLine™ for immediate help. Your days of feeling abandoned on the road are over!"

According to Stempler, "our members told us that in the post 9/11 period, they have more uncertainty and anxiety about air travel and security, and are experiencing more delayed and cancelled flights. When things go wrong, they often must fend for themselves. They want immediate help from trained, multi-lingual travel professionals, round-the-clock."

Registered Traveler Program InfoSite™

Stempler also stated that, "the Registered Traveler Program InfoSite™ at will now gather and disseminate information on the Registered Traveler Program ('RTP') for both Association members and non-members. Surveys of users of the InfoSite™ will provide information on the interests, needs, and opinions of travelers concerning the RTP. A position statement of the Association on the RTP is available at"

The Air Travelers Association is a member-supported organization, headquartered in the Washington, DC area. The Association advocates for its members on air traveler security, safety, savings, and service. It provides a number of member benefits including emergency traveler assistance, medical assistance, travel information, and travel services. Membership is $49.95 per year, with enrollment only at: David Stempler, President of the Air Travelers Association, is an internationally known passenger advocate and authority on airline and air travel issues.



Most Frequently Used Emergency Travel Assistance Services*

Flight Reservations: Immediate booking and re-booking for cancelled and delayed flights.

Hotel Bookings: Real-time booking and re-booking of hotels.

Car Rental and Ground Transportation: Booking and re-booking of car rentals or other ground transportation.

Lost Baggage Tracing: Lost baggage search and stolen luggage replacement help.

Directions: Members traveling in the U.S. can call for turn-by-turn driving directions.

Other Travel Assistance Services*

Announced Travel Delays: Air Travelers Association ("ATA") Members can call the Air Travelers Association RescueLine™ ("ATA RescueLine™") for access to all announced travel delays by most common carriers throughout the world.

Automated Case Notifications: The ATA RescueLine™ program allows for notifications to be made on a regular schedule to the ATA Member's family and related parties concerning ongoing assistance cases.

Bail Arrangement: The ATA RescueLine™ can help locate a reputable bail bondsman in the area of travel.

Embassy Referrals and Visa / Passport Requirements: The ATA can locate and provide the address, telephone number, and office hours of the U.S. and other country's embassy or consulate in the country the ATA Member is visiting. The ATA can also assist the ATA Member with visa and passport requirements for destination countries.

Emergency Cash Assistance: The ATA can assist Members in contacting a cash wire provider and helping them obtain a cash advance.

Emergency Dispatch of House or Vehicle Repairer: If the ATA Member needs emergency home repair while traveling, or if their vehicle will not start, The ATA can arrange for the appropriate professional to be dispatched.

Emergency Hotel Check-in Guarantee: The ATA can coordinate a cash wire transfer for a hotel check-in guarantee.

Exchange Rate Information: The ATA RescueLine™ can provide pre-trip and during-trip exchange rate information to an ATA Member.

Eyeglasses and Corrective Lens Replacement: The ATA RescueLine™ can put the ATA Member in touch with a local eye professional who can replace eyeglasses and/or corrective lenses. The ATA RescueLine™ can also coordinate the transfer of eyeglass prescription information.

Family Liaison and Message Relay: The ATA RescueLine™ can facilitate communications between an ATA Member and family members if the ATA Member is unable to do so, regardless of whether the ATA Member has an accident or illness.

Government and Consulate Liaison: The ATA can be the ATA Member's advocate when communicating and working with government and/or consulate offices.

Health and Travel Precautions: The ATA RescueLine™ can provide a list of health and travel precautions.

Legal Referrals: The ATA can provide the name, address, telephone number, and office hours of English-speaking legal professionals in the ATA Member's traveling area. Final selection of a legal professional is the responsibility of the ATA Member.

Location of Local Service Providers: The ATA can help locate service providers in the ATA Member's traveling area.

Lost Credit Card Assistance: If an ATA Member's wallet is stolen or an ATA Member misplaces an ATA Member's credit card, the ATA can assist in notifying the ATA Member's credit card companies and canceling any ATA Member's credit cards, as well as obtaining replacement credit cards.

Lost Baggage / Document Search and Replacement: If an ATA Member's baggage, airline tickets, and/or other travel documents are lost, stolen, or damaged while traveling, the ATA can assist in finding or replacing them.

Lost Item Assistance and Shipping: If an ATA Member loses an essential item while traveling, the ATA can assist in its return or help find a replacement item and can arrange to have it shipped to the ATA Member.

Lost Passport and Travel Document Assistance: If an ATA Member's passport or travel documents are lost, stolen, or damaged while traveling, the ATA can assist in getting the documentation an ATA Member needs to expedite a quick replacement.

Rental Vehicle Return: If an ATA Member is traveling and has to abandon a rental car to return home or go somewhere else, the ATA can arrange for the vehicle's return to a location designated by the rental company.

Repatriation of Vehicle Home: In the event of an ATA Member's incapacity to drive an ATA Member's vehicle back to the ATA Member's home, the ATA can arrange to have it delivered.

Return of Member and Traveling Companions Home: Should a crisis arise at home while an ATA Member is traveling, the ATA can arrange for the return of the ATA Member and travel companions to their home.

Roadside Assistance: For automobile problems, the ATA can dispatch a towing service or locksmith to help rescue the ATA Member.

Security and Intelligence Evacuations: Should an ATA Member require immediate departure from a country due to security or intelligence reports that advise an ATA Member's evacuation, the ATA can assist in arranging transportation.

Telephone Interpretation Services: The ATA can provide interpretation/ translation services over the phone for medical, legal, or travel emergencies. If an ATA Member requires an interpreter for other purposes, the ATA can refer the ATA Member to a reputable local translator.

Travel Restrictions: The ATA RescueLine™ provides reports and alerts regarding restricted travel destinations.

Urgent Message Relay: During emergency medical or legal situations, the ATA can transmit any message an ATA Member requests to family, friends or business associates.

Visa/Passport Requirements: The ATA can provide all the visa and/or passport requirements needed for the countries to which the ATA Member is traveling.

Weather: The ATA can provide pre-trip and during-trip weather forecasts for locations throughout the world.

Medical Assistance Services*

Claims Procedure Advice: The ATA's claims analysts are available to help ATA Members understand procedures and obligations as they relate to medical and other claims that arise while traveling.

Case Coordination and Management: The ATA RescueLine™ can help ATA Members negotiate the confusing maze of medical and other services while abroad. Medical systems, private clinics, and remote locations can all contribute to the confusion an ATA Member may experience when accessing medical services overseas.

Dispatch of Doctor / Nurse on Call: If an ATA Member is unable get to a doctor, the ATA can help to arrange to have one sent to the ATA Member. If an ATA Member just needs to consult with a nurse about a medical condition, the ATA can help arrange that as well.

Emergency Family Travel Arrangements: If family members of an ATA Member require emergency travel arrangements while the ATA Member is suffering from a medical condition, the ATA can help arrange travel bookings for the family members and their return to their home.

Inoculation Information: The ATA RescueLine™ can provide inoculation requirements for countries.

Inpatient Case Management: If the ATA Member is hospitalized, the ATA can assist in the management of their medical and related services until the ATA Member is discharged.

Medical Monitoring: If medical care is needed while traveling, the ATA can designate an assistance coordinator and one licensed medical advisor to closely monitor the ATA Member's medical condition and treatment from initial admission to discharge. Upon request, the assistance coordinator can continually update a designated family Member and personal physician of the ATA Member's condition and treatment.

Medical Referrals: The ATA can provide the name, address, and telephone number and office hours of English-speaking medical and health care professionals in the area of travel. Final selection of the medical care provider is the responsibility of the ATA Member.

Outpatient Case Management: Even if the ATA Member is not hospitalized, the ATA can manage their outpatient medical and related services so the ATA Member can anticipate a full recovery and return home.

Prescription Replacement Assistance: The ATA can help assist in promptly replacing lost, forgotten, or stolen prescription medicines (including medicines, eyeglasses, and corrective lenses) and help obtain the necessary medical and government authorizations to deliver them to the ATA Member from an appropriate supplier.

Relative or Visitor to Bedside: The ATA can help with arrangements for relatives or visitors to travel to the ATA Member's bedside.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains: In the event of a death while traveling, the ATA can arrange for the preparation and air transportation of the ATA Member's mortal remains.

Return of Dependent Children: Should the ATA Member have a medical event or emergency while traveling, the ATA can arrange for the return of all dependent children traveling with them to their home.

Road Ambulance to Nearest Home Country Hospital: The ATA can arrange for a road ambulance to meet and transport the ATA Member to the nearest hospital in their home country upon arrival, if their medical condition requires.

Utilization Monitoring and Reporting: Medical case monitoring of medical service utilization can be performed and reported on behalf of the ATA Member.

*PLEASE NOTE: The ATA RescueLine™ provides travel assistance services, which means that the ATA will assist and help the Member in making arrangements for services, but the Member is financially responsible for the costs of the underlying services to be provided to the Member, such as airline tickets, hotel and car rental costs, medicines, transportation costs, and the actual costs of other services.