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Survey: Ranks Highest Among Automotive Manufacturer Web Sites
Auto Manufacturer Web Sites Continue to Improve the Online Shopping Experience

Online Travel Booking Increases

Kia ranks highest in an improving field of automotive manufacturer Web sites, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2003 Manufacturer Web Site Evaluation Study (SM) released recently.

While the Kia site has been among the top seven most useful sites in nearly every MWES study over the past four years, this is the first time Kia has ranked highest. The three manufacturer Web sites that follow Kia in the rankings - Hyundai, Honda and Cadillac, respectively - demonstrate dramatic improvements over their 2002 Wave 2 study rankings.

"Kia's top ranking demonstrates the continuous improvement process at is paying off," said Dennis Galbraith, senior director of research at J.D. Power and Associates. "Kia has explored a variety of innovative approaches over the years, rather than simply reacting to what other manufacturers are doing."

Manufacturer Web sites have improved remarkably since the study was first published in 2000. Much has changed, and with that change manufacturer sites have experienced a virtual explosion in sales lead production to their dealer networks. On average, dealers are receiving 75 percent more online leads from manufacturer sites than they did in 2002.

Well-designed Web sites continue to be particularly effective in driving traffic to dealerships. Among survey respondents who evaluated a manufacturer's site, 62 percent who rate the site as "outstanding" are more likely to test-drive a vehicle from that make, compared to only 40 percent of those who rate the site lower.

MORE INFORMATION: J.D. Power and Associates
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