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Under Maintained Vehicles Costs
Motorists Billions - Education is Key

he Car Care Council advises that regular vehicle maintenance saves owners time and money, enhances safety and improves auto performance.

The Council estimates that more than $60 billion in vehicle maintenance and repair are not performed every year, evidence that there is considerably more that people should be doing to protect their automotive investments.

"Education is the key to improving motorists' understanding of vehicle maintenance issues," says Tom Minner, President of Champion Performance Products. Coinciding with National Car Care Month (April), the company launched the Champion® Performance Additives line that specifically addresses power, performance and protection issues. Product labels give consumers concise problem/solution information that enables them to easily identify the correct products and develop regular maintenance schedules.

Last year, 90% of cars checked during free inspections as a part of National Car Care Month failed one or more aspects, and revealed:

· 38% had low or dirty motor oil
· 25% had low or dirty power steering fluid
· 22% had low, over full or burnt transmission fluid
· 54% had improperly inflated tires

The Council attributes consumers' neglect of regular vehicle maintenance to a lack of awareness and understanding. Yet many maintenance procedures are easy, quick and affordable for do-it-yourselfers or at a service facility. "A vehicle that is serviced at regular intervals costs less to maintain in the long run, contributes to highway safety, conserves energy and benefits the environment," says Minner.

Moreover, more than five percent of vehicle accidents result from unperformed vehicle maintenance, resulting in 2,600 deaths, 100,000 disabling injuries and a cost of more than $2 billion every year according to the Car Care Council.

For more information and for the Car Care Council's suggested service interval schedule, visit or

Champion Performance Products (Atlanta, GA) is a division of Champion Brands, LLC (Clinton, MO), a fully integrated manufacturer that produces and markets more than 300 products including lubricants and fuel, oil and engine additives for the automotive, heavy truck, agriculture, marine and specialty markets.

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