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Women's Marketplace Dominance
is Clear in Every Area

Women’s marketplace dominance is clear in every area.

Statistics overwhelm and convince us that women are the market and the economy as demonstrated not only by the Business Women’s Network but Marty Barletta in her new book on marketing to women.

Marty Barletta notes, “Women are responsible for 83% of all consumer purchases.

  • Home furnishings (94%)
  • Vacations (92%)
  • Houses (91%)
  • Consumer electronics (51%)
  • Cars (60% of purchases and influence 90%)

Services are the same story…

  • New bank accounts (89%)
  • Healthcare (80% of decisions, over two-thirds of all health care spending)

When you add the purchasing officers who are women, it is an American Woman’s Economy that accounts for over half of the U.S. GDP…about $55 trillion.” Translation: Earth’s largest economy…American Women. (Barletta, M., 2003)

Advertising executives need to keep up with the purchasing trends. AdAge’s 2002 survey reported that while 60% of agency account services executives are female, the creative staff averages only 35% female. (Barletta, M., 2003)

Women and the Aftermarket

  • Women make up 65 percent of the customer base for service centers, and few feel satisfied with the service they receive. Eighty percent of these customers are not satisfied with the service and repairs they receive, and 89% fell they are treated differently because of their gender. (ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine, 2003)
  • Trust is by far the most important fact to the female auto consumer, and convenience is secondary. (ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine)
  • Two-thirds of the women who patronize aftermarket businesses are college-educated and 15% of these women hold postgraduate degrees. (ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine, 2003)