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OnStar Personal Calling Reaches 500 Million

OnStar by GM is widely recognized for its safety, security, peace of mind service and also offers hands-free voice-activated calling service for OnStar subscribers. The OnStar Personal Calling system is embedded in the vehicle, and is available just in case your cell phone is lost, forgotten or has a low battery. The hands-free calling feature provides a distinctive value proposition with no access fees, roaming or long distance charges, and the minutes are purchased through prepaid packages.

"We're encouraged by the tremendous growth we're seeing with the use of OnStar Personal Calling, and the increase in subscriber call volume," said Tony Lent, Vice President OnStar Wireless. "Our calling service helps reinforce the commitment to the in-vehicle safety and security of our subscribers, because OnStar Personal Calling allows subscribers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road."

Each OnStar-equipped vehicle has its own phone number, and the number can be used for both outgoing and incoming calls. On new OnStar-equipped vehicles the first 30 minutes are complimentary and good for two months from vehicle delivery. After those initial complimentary minutes are used, additional Personal Calling minutes can be purchased in prepaid packages, good for 12 months. When the OnStar subscriber purchases a new OnStar-equipped vehicle, any unused minutes can be transferred as well as the phone number to their next OnStar-equipped vehicle.

Over 1.5 million subscribers have bought an OnStar Personal Calling minute package since the service was launched in the fall of 1996. In addition, on a monthly basis OnStar subscribers make over seven million calls a month with OnStar Personal Calling.

Another hands-free option that is offered is the America's Choice Plan with OnStar. Verizon Wireless' America's Choice Plan with OnStar lets subscribers use their Verizon Wireless plan minutes and receive a single bill from Verizon Wireless. With the America's Choice Plan subscribers can make calls outside the vehicle using their Verizon Wireless hand held phone and when making calls from inside the vehicle using the embedded OnStar calling system. This plan is available in Verizon Wireless markets and on most vehicles equipped with OnStar digital technology. Subscribers must have both an OnStar subscription and Verizon wireless contract.

General Motors recently announced that OnStar will be a standard feature for retail customers in the United States and Canada, covering all segments and prices except for some commercial vehicles. Only GM offers a full range of cars, trucks and SUVs that provide safety protection before, during and thanks to OnStar, after vehicle collisions.

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