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ROAD & TRAVEL Pet Travel: Pet Friendly Campgrounds and RV Parks

More Than 6000 Campgrounds and RV Parks Welcome Pets

From pet spas to fashion wear, pets are getting a lot of attention these days -- they are often treated just like, or even better than, most family members. This endearing relationship between people and their pets can make it heartbreaking to leave them at home when the family goes on vacation. So what's a pet lover to do?

Pack 'em up, of course! While hotels continue to up the antie with pet amenities and packages, additional pet costs can put even the savviest budget traveler in the doghouse. Also, kennels can cost anywhere from $20 - $50 daily and can be stressful for attached family pets. Instead, consider bringing your pet on board an RV for optimum canine comfort and easy access to more than 6,000 pet-friendly RV locations within the U.S. and Canada.

Pet-Friendly Campground Sources:

In an RV, dogs and other pets can travel with the family. They can be left in the climate-controlled vehicle and be just as happy as if they were at home in their favorite chair.

"The entire family can stay together when they travel in an RV," said Sue Bray, of the Good Sam Club, the world's largest RV owners' association. "Most pets are part of the family, and traveling with them creates wonderful memories."

As a dog owner, Bray points out, "Many times when you're 'moteling' it with pets, it's difficult to find a place to walk them. In an RV, you're in a campground, and you just walk out your door to find some great fun walks." Bray is also quick to note that not only do pets stress out when they are left behind, but so do the pet owners.

With RVing on the rise, so is the interest in RVing with pets.

(Source: Good Sam Club)