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2005 New Car Model Guide, Model Guide, New Car Reviews, BMW Cars, Trucks, & SUVs


2005 BMW New Car Model GuideGerman automaker BMW builds incomparable performance machines in an extensive line of sedans and coupes, sport wagons and sport-utility vehicles, plus several drop-tops and a racy two-seat roadster.

The BMW fleet for 2005 culminates with the stunning new 6 Series coupe and convertible. Long in the prow and low in stance, the GT-style 645Ci presents a tightly sculpted body and muscular fender bulges rippling around enormous low-profile tires with a sensuous arch of a roof drawn over the cockpit. And beneath the exaggerated prow there's a beefy V8 primed for high horsepower.

BMW 7 Series
2005 BMW 7 Series

These full-size luxury/performance sedans bring forceful engines, sophisticated electronics governing power production and vehicle stability, and dazzling interactive voice commands for operating navigation, climate and communication equipment. The 745i is the V8-power volume model with a standard-length wheelbase, while the 745Li is a stretched version with more rear-seat room. The 760Li caps the series with its extended wheelbase and a 12-cylinder engine. The 6.0-liter aluminum V12 develops 408 hp and features BMW's Valvetronic system plus fully variable bi-VANOS camshaft controls.

The 745i and stretched 745Li draw from BMW's 4.4-liter V8 rated at 325 hp. Both engines mate with a six-speed automatic with shift-by-wire technology through selector controls mounted behind the steering wheel. A spacious cabin, lined with fine leather and trimmed in rich hardwoods, has a simplified dash design oriented around a center-mounted terminal display with the joystick-style iDrive controller. This year, Park Distance Control (PDC) and an adaptive headlamp controller (AHC) show up on the list of standard equipment, and BMW offers a new keyless entry system plus a rear-seat video entertainment system.

BMW 5 Series
2005 BMW 5 Series

The mid-size 5 Series of sport sedans incorporates styling points of 7 Series sedans and electronic controls for powertrain and chassis. There are three models in 2005 based on engine size -- 525i, 530i and 545i. The ASC adaptive steering system is optional, along with AHC headlamps. Cabins provide luxurious appointments and BMW adds more hardwood trim for 2005 with Poplar Grain standard and Anthracite Maple available as a no-load option.

In-line six-cylinder powertrains from the 3 Series drop into two of the 5 Series models -- the 2.5-liter six for the 525i and 3.0-liter version for the 530i. The top-model 545i totes BMW's 4.4-liter V8, which rocks at 325 hp. All come with either a six-speed manual transmission or new six-speed Steptronic automatic, but the SMG is also available on the 530i and 545i with a sport package. All 5 Series cars provide the entire spectrum of BMW mechanical systems for performance and safety, including BMW's Head Protection System (HPS) air bags and a computerized Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) mechanism that can correct potentially dangerous car movements when wheels slip laterally.

BMW 6 Series
2005 BMW 6 Series

New mid-size 645Ci models conform to two styles as a hardtop coupe or fully automated canvas-top convertible. High-tech hardware aboard includes Active Roll Stabilization (ARS) to reduce body roll when the car rips around corners, and optional Active Steering Control (ASC), a device that can vary the steering ratio to match a driver's style as well as pavement conditions.
Its muscle comes from a 4.4-liter V8 pumping 325 hp. Both the coupe and convertible provide three shifter choices. For sport drivers there's a ZF six-speed manual. For fans of automatic transmissions, BMW adds a ZF electronic automatic with six forward gears and Steptronic manual mode.
The third choice combines traits of manual and automatic shifters -- BMW's electro-hydraulic six-speed sequential manual gearbox (SMG) with both automatic and manual shift programs.

A plush cockpit features articulated bucket seats and trimmings in leathers and hardwoods. There are luxurious appointments and power controls with memory settings, plus electronic tools like BMW's computerized iDrive controller. The coupe carries a vast panoramic glass moon roof but the convertible gets a one-button automatic mechanism to fold the lid into a slot behind the cabin and seal it with a rigid metal tonneau cover.

BMW 3 Series
2005 BMW 3 Series

Anchoring BMW's line, the extensive 3 Series string of compact cars includes a four-door sedan, five-door wagon and two-door coupe or convertible. Model nomenclature amounts to alphanumeric designations to describe the body style and displacement of an engine. Two in-line-six aluminum-block engines -- measuring to 2.5 liters and 3.0 liters -- power the class, earning 184 hp and 225 hp, respectively.

Sedans and wagons with the 2.5-liter engine are labeled 325i for rear-wheel-drive (RWD) and 325xi for all-wheel-drive (AWD); for the 3.0-liter plant, they are 330i (RWD) and 330xi (AWD). Coupes and convertibles carry similar designations as 325Ci and 330Ci, each with rear-wheel driveline. This year's crop shows a six-speed SMG transmission optional for models with the 3.0-liter engine in conjunction with a sport package. In addition, a power-operated moonroof applies to all 2005 coupes and sedans, and wood trim goes into all 3 Series cars with aluminum trim listed as a no-cost option.

BMW Z Series
2005 BMW Z Series

BMW's two-seat sports car - Z4 - carries angular sheet metal styling that looks edgy and quick. It can be quick to act too, thanks to two different engine options. The Z4 2.5i gets BMW's 2.5-liter in-line-six tuned to 184 hp. The Z4 3.0i packs a larger straight-six at 3.0 liters with dual overhead cams and BMW's infinitely variable valve timing system. Output reaches 225 hp. A Getrag five-speed manual ties to the 2.5-liter plant, while the heavy-duty ZF six-speed manual works with the 3.0-liter version. Both offer a ZF five-speed automatic with Steptronic mode, and that six-speed SMG is available with the larger engine.

Passive standard safety systems extend from frontal and side-impact air bags to BMW's knee protection system (KPS). The cockpit for two stocks bolstered bucket seats, a three-spoke steering wheel and twin binnacles on the dash housing an analog speedometer and tachometer. The Z4's soft-top contains a glass rear window and heat element. It folds back quickly by manual means, but power to fold the top automatically is available. For 2005, foglamps and cruise control are now on the Z4 2.5i and the Z4 3.0i features automatic climate controls.

2005 BMW X5

BMW's X5 sport-activity vehicle repeats as the X5 3.0i and X5 4.4i but with new cabin trim and more standard equipment aboard. Both versions look remarkably like one of BMW's big sports sedans, only jacked up with a wagon's cargo compartment at the tail. Both also contain BMW's 'intelligent' AWD system called xDrive. Adjustable and infinitely variable, the device can direct the engine's power to either axle-front or rear- whichever has the best traction. It works with BMW's computerized four-wheel Dynamic Stability Control (DSC-X) mechanism and a traction control system (TCS-X) that can correct potentially dangerous skid movements.

The X5 divides into two models based on powertrain. The X5 4.4i gets the 4.4-liter V8 from the 7 Series sedans with an output of 320 hp through the six-speed automatic. And the X5 3.0i has a 3.0-liter in-line-six worth 225 hp with Steptronic automatic or standard six-speed manual. An automatic climate controller has been added to the features list on the X5 3.0i, with Park Distance Control now standard on the X5 4.4i.

2005 BMW X3

This compact-class SUV goes by the tag of X3. A forceful in-line six-cylinder engine fits in front of the four-door passenger compartment that contains two rows of seats for five riders and the cargo bay at the rear accessible through a roof-hinged tailgate. The X3 stocks the xDrive electronically-controlled AWD mechanism. Off pavement, X3 adds another device called Hill Descent Control (HDC) to keep all wheels firmly planted on a steep slope.
For power, BMW brings two in-line six-cylinder plants, as model classification follows engine patterns -- X3 2.5i and X3 3.0i. The X3 2.5i contains a 2.5-liter unit producing 184 hp, while the X3 3.0i gets a 3.0-liter version with 225 hp. Each engine has a sporty ZF six-speed manual or five-speed Steptronic automatic shifter.

The X3's cabin is impressive in design and content. Models draw from a long list of standard features, including extensive safety equipment. Packages load additional gear; such as the premium package with vast panoramic roof plus automatic climate controls and cabin trim in wood and aluminum.