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2005 New Car Model Guide, Model Guide, New Car Reviews, Infiniti Cars, Trucks, & SUVs


2005 Infiniti New Car Model GuideThe upscale line of Infiniti, developed through Nissan of Japan but skewed toward luxury and performance, expands with a new all-wheel-drive version of the G35 premium sports sedan plus a vast sport-utility wagon cut for the full-size class.

In all, there are six distinct series of products in Infiniti's class of 2005, each canted for high-powered action and fitted with premium equipment.

Infiniti Q45
2005 Infiniti Q45

Infiniti's elegant Q45 flagship sedan leads the line as a full-size luxury car rigged with a powerful V8 engine mounted up front with all muscle directed to the rear wheels for classic rear-wheel-drive (RWD) format. The 2005 issues reflect more aggressive exterior features with new fascia, reshaped hood and grille plus fine-line chrome trim. Inside, world-class luxuries and elegant appointments abound, along with high-tech gear and power-motivated gizmos that make the experience of driving and riding safe and comfortable, even fun. New double-stitched leather sport bucket seats stand up front with a new white meter gauge cluster and trim work in dark maple wood and chrome.

The Infiniti signature of an oval analog clock mounts at the center of the dash, and a high center pod contains controls for audio and climate systems plus the screen of a vehicle information system with DVD navigation and RearView bumper camera monitoring plus Visteon voice recognition. Power comes from a hunker V8 displacing 4.5 liters and knocking out 340 hp. It connects to an electronically-controlled five-speed automatic with manual shift gate. Further, the Q carries Infiniti's vehicle dynamic control (VDC) with traction control system (TCS) for computerized anti-skid control.

Infiniti M45
2005 Infiniti M45

Shrink the Q one size to reach Infiniti's M45 performance sedan, which stocks Q45 drive train components. It draws on a 340-hp V8 and has four-wheel independent suspension, high intensity discharge (HID) xenon headlights and VDC with TCS. In the plush cabin standard equipment includes a Bose premium audio system with seven speakers, sport bolstered bucket seats clad in luxurious Sojourner leather plus frontal and side-impact air bags as well as curtain-style side air bags. The 2004 editions of M45 repeat in Infiniti's 2005 line while awaiting an entirely new treatment for this sedan that's due in the spring of 2005.

Infiniti QX56
2005 Infiniti QX56

Consider the QX56 as an ultra-luxury treatment for Nissan's Pathfinder Armada SUV. Styling of the exterior does not disguise the bigness of this wagon -- it looks big because it is. Inside, the QX56 carves out enough space for as many as eight passengers on the three tiers of seats with twin buckets in front, a second row with bench or flip-forward buckets and a standard third-row bench that drops easily into the floor to expand the cargo capacity. To motivate such a behemoth requires massive muscle and the QX gets it from a V8 forged at Nissan's engine plant in Tennessee. The plant, constructed with an aluminum block, displaces 5.6 liters and generates 315 hp.

Tied to the engine is an electronically-controlled automatic transmission with five forward gears and a tow/haul mode, which reworks shift patterns when towing. When properly equipped with a tow rig, QX56 earns a trailer tow rating of 8,900 pounds. Infiniti casts QX56 as only one fully-equipped trim but it brings choices for RWD or AWD traction. Options are minimal -- a sunroof, Smart Vision Package, DVD-based video entertainment system, and satellite radio service through XM or Sirius subscription.

Infiniti G35 Sedan
2005 Infiniti G35 Sedan

Infiniti's G35 premium sports sedans measure to mid-size dimensions from a stiff RWD platform outfitted with a sport-tuned suspension and strong muscle developed through a 3.5-liter V6. For 2005 the engine gets a power boost to 277 hp for all trims. Also, exterior styling is fresh with revamped hood, grille, bumpers, side sills and tail lamps. A five-place cabin brings form-fitting seats and electronic gizmos governing navigation, communications, safety, stereo sound and the interior climate.

The plan for the cabin shows two sport buckets separated by a center console in front of a bench scooped for two but broad enough for three and rigged with seatbacks that adjust the recline angle for extra comfort. Infiniti casts G35 with either RWD traction or a sophisticated electronic AWD device. The latter is labeled G35x with that letter 'x' signifying the AWD action. The AWD equipment normally operates in RWD mode, although if rear treads begin to slip the computer-smart system can divert as much as half of the engine's muscle to turn the front wheels. An optional sport-tuned suspension package has new 18-inch cast aluminum wheels with 235/45R18 tires and drilled aluminum pedals.

Infiniti G35 Coupe
2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe

A spirited GT sports coupe variation of the G35 sedan is keen in shape and as slick as glass, with two doors on flanks of a snug 2+2 cockpit and a high-powered engine below the stubby prow pushing all kinds of torque to big back wheels. Both coupe and sedan share a RWD chassis and the juicy six-pack engine borrowed from Nissan's 350Z sports coupe. The 3.5-liter V6 in this installation produces 280 hp and connects to a smooth electronic automatic five-speed with manual shift mode or a six-speed close-ratio manual. However, a new Sport model emerges in the 2005 lineup with a power boost of 15 points.

The G35 as a sports coupe carries electronic controls for safety, including VDC and TCS. The base issue, labeled Coupe 5A/T, gets the five-speed automatic and cockpit seats upholstered in cloth fabric. Cover the seats in soft leather hides to reach the next edition, Coupe 5A/T Leather. Top trim retains the leather and adds the six-speed gearbox as the Coupe 6M/T. And the Premium Package brings a sunroof, twin zones for climate controls, driver's seat memory and a Bose 225-watt audio system.

Infiniti FX
2005 Infiniti FX

Stretching long and decorated with a raked face and curvaceous fender blisters, Infiniti's FX series of crossover wagons function like SUVs but handle like sporty cars. They're available with either RWD or AWD organization and a pair of powertrains that tie each model to nomenclature describing the displacement of the engine. FX35 gets a 3.5-liter 280 hp V6 used by the spirited G35 coupe, with RWD or AWD traction choices. FX45 goes further with the 4.5-liter 315 hp V8 from Infiniti's Q45 flagship and it stocks AWD equipment exclusively plus super-scale wheels and tires of 20-inch diameter.

The five-seat cabin of each FX wagon is a luxurious space fitted with sport-style leather seats and comfortable perks but also high-tech equipment for passenger safety, communication and navigation. And beneath all of that expressive sheet metal, each FX totes the kind of mechanical hardware that forges dynamic vehicle handling characteristics. A 300-watt Bose premium audio kit with 11 speakers is optional.