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2009 Vehicle Model Guide


JaguarThe luxury coachmaker from Britain turns out sensuously styled sedans, coupes and convertibles outfitted with powerful engines and sophisticated safety systems plus luxurious on-board amenities. Jaguar's Class of 2009 encompasses the elegant XJ series of full-size and stretched sedans, sporty XK mid-size coupes and convertibles, and curvaceous new XF mid-size sports sedans. Special editions emerge in limited numbers with a new Super V8 Portfolio sedan and the XKR Portfolio coupe and convertible.

2009 Jaguar XFXF Series
Jaguar forges XF sedans as the first entirely new cars for the line in seven years. A fresh design dazzles the eye with styling cues on the face lifted from that 1960s icon XK-E. There are sensuously smooth aluminum body panels and a huge V8 parked below the rippled hood. Jaguar's V8 — displacing 4.2 liters with four-cam configuration — in the naturally aspirated version makes 300 hp. However, the supercharged edition gushes to 420 hp with all torque translated through a sophisticated six-speed electronic automatic transmission with the Jaguar Sequential Shift System (SSS).

2009 Jaguar XJXJ Series
Jaguar's full-size luxury sedans split between a standard wheelbase or five-inch wheelbase extension. Powertrains use Jaguar's 4.2-liter V8 with a six-speed electronic automatic transmission. XJ8 packs the naturally-aspirated V8 worth 300 hp, while the performance edition XJR has the supercharger with 400 hp. XJ8L with the long wheelbase has a raised roof and expanded rear seat section, as Vanden Plas shows lavish quarters for chauffeured rides. The Super V8 is stretched and supercharged with performance equipment and premium appointments, but new Super V8 Portfolio in Celestial Black or Astra Gold paint offers exclusivity in a limited edition.

2009 Jaguar XKXK Series
Jaguar's XK cars as coupe or convertible have an aluminum structure and GT-style body. The design tucks between the long prow and short tail a cockpit with only two doors and seats for four. Power stems from Jaguar's four-cam 4.2-liter V8. The natural version makes 300 hp, but a supercharger on racy XKR hits 420 hp. New XKR Portfolio rolls on polished 20-inch Selena-style wheels and wears aluminum side vents with Shadow Grey metallic paint. All XK models employ Jaguar's Computer Active Technology Suspension (CATS) for automatic shock damping to maximize handling and driver control.

Detailed Jaguar pricing and ownership information.

For more information, visit Jaguar.