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Sex and cars. Two nouns you don't often put together. Unless you're still in high school that is, but that's a whole 'nother show, Ricki. What we mean is that sex appeal is something most folks seldom see in automobiles. For example, while we often say that clothes have sex appeal, or that lingerie has sex appeal, saying that your car has sex appeal is kind of like saying that your computer is sexy. Or your dishwasher is sexy. Or your floor lamp, your hair dryer, or even your lawn mower are sexy. In the eyes of most drivers, who view their vehicles strictly as four-wheeled appliances, there's nothing terribly sexy about cars.

Well, perhaps not all cars. For the next few minutes of your life, forget all that conditioning which says that cars are exclusively designed for transportative tasks and nothing more. Why not have a car that both takes you places and-ahem-gets you off... and running? Scroll down these pages and you'll see that hormonal apathy does not apply to all cars. These curvy coupes and charismatic convertibles possess such confidence and capability that they become more than everyday machines, they're objects of desire. So go ahead, set your imagination loose. Let one of these sex machines carry you away.

A fork in the road....either navigate through our sexy car buyer's guide by clicking on 'Start' or by selecting one of the models listed below!

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