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by Steve Siler

Mercedes CLK Coupe/Cabriolet
2004 Mercedes CLK
All-new for 2003 is the long-awaited replacement for the charismatic and graceful Mercedes-Benz CLK Coupe. The 2004 model year brings us all-new Cabriolet versions as well. Now, while we loved the outgoing model, we're simply salivating over the newest iteration. The CLK is taller, longer and a tad wider than its predecessor, all of those increases contributing to considerable added interior space that make both the Coupe and the Cabriolet true four-adult automobiles.

Perhaps the most striking design element of the new CLK Coupe is its innovative pillarless windows, which open together to create one uninterrupted aperture that runs the length of the passenger area. From the outside, it's beautiful. From the inside, it's incredible - really brings the outside to you way rivaled only by convertibles. Speaking of convertibles, the Cabriolet also has the pillarless windows, as well as a thickly padded soft top that motors down and stows under a sculpted panel behind the rear seats. What's more is that you can pop the top and watch it do its tricks from outside the car with your key fob, the only convertible to offer such a feature this year.

Both bodystyles offer fully equipped interiors with sensational seats, terrific sound systems and just about every conceivable luxury and safety feature, including head-protection front side air bags-yes, even on the convertible. The 3.2-liter V-6 powering the base model is the same as last year, but Mercedes-Benz' venerable 5.0-liter V-8 finds its way under the hood of the new CLK (in place of last year's 4.3-liter unit), bringing with it 302 hp to keep you entertained. The CLK55 AMG tops the line in both bodystyles, offering a SpeedShift paddle-style manumatic transmission, no fewer than 469 hp and a lust factor that is off the charts. Oh, decisions decisions….

Price: $45K-$80K