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by Steve Siler

Porsche Boxster
2003 Porsche Boxster

Sweet and sexy, the perfectly proportioned Boxster and Boxster S demonstrate Porsche's innate ability to design cars that blessed with sex appeal for life. Seriously, not even a Hostess Twinkie has the kind of shelf life that the Boxster-introduced way back in 1997-has. Its balanced stance, racy wheels, hourglass figure and its unmistakable Porsche face will ensure that it truly will never look bad. And never look old. Still, a nip and a tuck are never a bad thing, so for 2003, the Boxster gets new smoked taillamp lenses, painted grille slats and a glass back window to set it apart from previous models.

The Boxster's interior has been updated regularly since its introduction way back in 1997. Back then, it felt a little cheap. Now, however, it's a pretty comfortable, convincingly upscale place to spend time, whether you're blasting up the back roads or cruising down the main drag. The sport seats hug the body endearingly, keeping you in place no matter what you engage in when the road gets twisty. The dash features layered round gauges with a somewhat busy-looking center stack for the tiny radio controls and digital climate controls.

The good news this year is the addition of a real glovebox to compliment its door-pocket storage areas, as well as cupholders for your frozen mocha lattes. Add to that the Boxster's two-count 'em-two trunks, and the thing looks downright practical!

As with any Porsche, the Boxster's beauty is more than skin deep. The 225-hp six-cylinder in the Boxster wants for nothing, really, so only the performance die-hards and/or label whores need apply for the 258-hp Boxster S. Both engines make noises like no other engines in the world…between 4000 and 6500 rpm, the sound alone will have you addicted, to say nothing of the thrust they provide.

Stiff and sticky are the buzzwords when it comes to ride and handling, respectively.The Boxster's standard 16" wheels don't look as good nor hold the road quite as well as the larger 17" and 18" optional rims, but they do offer the best 'round-town ride quality. Any way it comes, however, you'll definitely come to appreciate the kind of predictable feeling that the mid-engined Boxster delivers. In terms of safety, you'll find standard front and side air bags, while stability and traction control are optional.

Price: $42K-$60K