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Cadillac EXT - 2005 Pickup Truck Buyers Guide

2005 Cadillac EXT Review

by Martha Hindes

Cadillac EXT
Cadillac EXT

With some vehicles you get lots of options. With some everything's included, top-of-the-line. The latter is the case with Cadillac's toney EXT, a full-fledged sport utility with pickup truck bed that mellows out driving in pampered luxury while delivering some serious credentials for toting things around. Whether a delicious shade of vanilla, patent leather shiny black or any of the subtle tones in between, the EXT is aimed at the luxury buyer who expects a smooth car driving experience with truck capabilities, not a bouncy trip down the road.

For 2005, the EXT retains the high amenity and ride comfort level of a top luxury sedan. (With 14 available electronic seating adjustments, you just know it will pamper.) Underneath, there's the throaty rumble of the high output 6.0-liter Vortec V8, mated with permanent all-wheel-drive, that means serious power for traveling or towing 7,000 pounds with ease when in special towing gear.

For carrying items lengthier than the 5.3-foot-long truck bed, it performs a quick flip act to accommodate by stowing the cab's rear wall, mowing rear window glass and lowering second row seating to become an extended truck bed nearly 8 full feet front to back. A tri-fold truck bed cover stows in a mesh holder to the side when truck duty's in play. It locks back on to cover items inside that don't go in the two lockable storage bins built into the side rails. A lively Bose sound system with Satellite XM radio, tied in with GM's OnStar communications/security system, delivers through the new touch-screen navigation system mounted in the center dash. Also new for '05 is burled walnut trim and chrome exhaust tips to broadcast that rich sounding rumble.

With a sticker just under $60K, the EXT is definitely high rent country. But special promotions from parent General Motors near the end of the model year have been sweetening the deal.