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2007 Audi A6

by Martha Hindes

2007 Audi A6
2007 Audi A6 Interior

Anything Audi with a technological bend seems to wear a special designation. Four-wheel drive systems become "quattro," an Audi exclusive term. Front-wheel drive is "FrontTrak," the speed sensitive precision steering is known as "Servotronic," "Tiptronic" is familiar as a finely-geared six-speed transmission with the ability to function as a manual, and "Avant" is the vehicle in wagon mode. Such terms have become a marker that this is a very special vehicle from the Germanic maker of very premium automobiles.

The A6 sport sedan sits about midrange in Audi's lineage of precision autos. In the third year of the current model, it adds more power to its legendary driving dynamics for 2007, with a performance improvement that also uses racing technology to boost fuel economy. Key to the change is the new, standard 4.2L V8 engine, with a direct injection fuel delivery system for better performance with fewer stops at the gas pump (about 22 mpg average). The V8 produces 350-HP (3.2L V6 gets 255-HP) and lets the A6 lope around tight curves and along straightaways without paying a price for the thrill.

Appearance wise the A6 is sleek and aerodynamic despite a curiously oversized front grille that has earned some dissension. The interior cockpit puts driver function first, then adds amenities that range from a multi-media steering wheel interface for controls to optional upmarket gray birch wood trim, plus dual standard and magnified vanity mirrors.

On the road the A6 gains more respect than ever before, delivering what critics consider stellar performance without a beyond stellar price ($41,000 - $55,000 range). Crashworthiness from such systems as the "Sideguard" head curtain airbags gives it top safety status. Outside, a "coming home and leaving home" lighting system plus headlights that follow the curve of the road add to security.

Cargo items should stay put thanks to securing rails with removable telescoping arm and retractable cargo strap that lock down things of nearly any size. For those who don't mind a little more road feel in the fanny, a sport tuned "S" version offers an enhanced dynamic performance ride.