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2008 Audi TT

2008 Audi TT Review

Audi TT

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Honda SC2000

Nissan 350Z


Our introduction to the Audi TT some eight years ago was a revelation. There was an instant desire to drive, covet, own one for its sexy, heart-pumping  styling, innate agility, head-snapping attraction. That initial test drive engraved a lasting impression.

2008 Audi TT Interior
Audi TT Interior

Now, in its new, second generation adaptation, the 2008 Audi TT has blossomed beyond its sturdy roots as a coupe that retains the command of a well-toned Apolo Anton Ohno owning dance floor or ice, to the unparalleled poise of a lithe Jessica Alba or Michelle Kwan in open-air demeanor. Such sophisticated fun. Such control with a stroke of abandon.

Despite its evolution to a new generation, TT retains some of the original "geometric" styling sass, modestly subdued for a shade more sophistication. Still there are tones of the curving roofline, flow of circular design movement and distinctive front and rear bulging overhangs, modernized of course. Inside, it's pure sports car, with sport steering wheel, and tachometer as important as a speedometer in true track car heritage. Among electronics, concert radio and an available "Navigation Plus" system psych up the technologically advanced. Both coupe and soft-top versions gain added "ease" room from 5.4 more ihes of length, 3.1 extra inches in width and a hairs-whisper more height. A new, taut, mostly aluminum "space frame" foundation trims weight so added size won't detract from its overall glued-to-the-road performance. It remains as light and limber as a supple, well-muscled athlete.

Bolstering that driving mastery is more power underhood, with a front-drive 2.0-liter, 200-HP TFSI four-cylinder turbo, getting 23/31 best mileage, or 3.2 -liter, 250-HP V-6 with "Quattro" all-wheel-drive (18/20). Base pricing ranges from $34,800 to $42,900. Purists can speed into Olympic driving form with a six-speed manual (3.2-liter only) or six-speed "S tronic" automatic, which is more responsive for 2008.

Audi claims an expansion of the TT's "genetic code" in this newly upgraded sports car. We won't do DNA testing to prove the point. We're convinced without it.